• Engine

    Model SAA6D107E-1
    Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
    Aspiration Turbocharged and air to air aftercooled
    No. Cylinders 6
    Bore 107mm
    Stroke 124mm
    Piston Displacement 6.69 ltr
    Horsepower, Gross 146 kW / 196 HP
    Horsepower, Net 144 kW / 193 HP
    Gear 1-3 @ 2000 rpm 120 kW / 161 HP
    Gear 4-6 @ 2000 rpm 134 kW / 179 HP
    Gear 7-8 @ 2100 rpm 146 kW / 196 HP
    Gear 1-3 @ 2000 rpm 107 kW / 143 HP
    Gear 4-6 @ 2000 rpm 120 kW / 161 HP
    Gear 7-8 @ 2000 rpm 134 kW / 179 HP
    Gear 1-3 @ 2000 rpm 118 kW / 158 HP
    Gear 4-6 @ 2000 rpm 131 kW / 176 HP
    Gear 7-8 @ 2100 rpm 144 kW / 193 HP
    Gear 1-3 @ 2000 rpm 104 kW / 140 HP
    Gear 4-6 @ 2000 rpm 118 kW / 158 HP
    Gear 7-8 @ 2000 rpm 131 kW 176 HP
    Max Torque 880 Nm / 89.8 kg.m
    Fan Speed max 1500 rpm


  • Blade Range

    Circle Centre Shift:  
    Right 590 mm
    Left 550 mm
    Moldboard side shift:
    Right 820 mm
    Left 820 mm
    Maximum shoulder reach outside rear tyres (frame straight):
    Right 2000 mm
    Left 2000 mm
    Maximum lift above ground 480 mm
    Maximum cutting depth 615 mm
    Maximum blade angle, right or left 90°
    Blade tip angle 40° forward / 5° backward


  • Brakes

    Service brake Foot operated, oil disc brakes, hydraulically actuated on four tandem wheels, 13691 cm2 total braking surface.
    Parking brake Manually actuated, spring applied, hydraulically released caliper with transmission interlock.


  • Capacities (Refilling)

    Fuel tank  ltr
    Cooling system 30 ltr
    Crank case 23 ltr
    Transmission 45 ltr
    Final drive 17 ltr
    Tandem housing (each) 57 ltr
    Hydraulic system 69 ltr
    Circle reverse housing 7 ltr


  • Circle

    Single piece rolled ring forging. Six circle support shoes with replaceable wear surface. Circle teeth hardened on front 180° of circle.
    Diametre (outside) 1530 mm
    Circle reversing control hydraulic rotation 360°


  • Drawbar

    A-shaped, u-section press formed and welded construction for maximum strength with a replaceable drawbar ball.
    Drawbar frame 210 x 25 mm


  • Frame

    Height 300 mm
    Width 300 mm
    Thickness 14 mm


  • Front Axle

    Type Solid bar construction welded steel sections
    Ground clearance at pivot 620 mm
    Wheel lean angle, right or left 20°
    Oscillation, total 32°


  • Hydraulic System

    Load-sending closed centre hydraulics with variable displacement piston pump. Short stroke/ low effort direct acting control valves with preselected maximum flow setting to each function. Double acting anti-drift check valves on blade lift, tip, circle shift, articulation, and leaning wheels.
    Output (at engine rated rpm) 200 L / min
    Standby pressure 3.4 MPa 35 kg/cm2
    Maximum system pressure 20.6 MPa 210 kg/cm2


  • Instrumentation

    Gauges / Standard Articulation, engine coolant temperature, fuel level, speed meter, transmission shift indicator, engine tachometre, torque converter oil temperature.
    Warning lights / Indicator Battery charge, brake oil pressure, blade float, brake oil pressure, inching temperature, directional indicator, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil temperature, heater signal, lift arm lock, parking brake, differential lock, torque converter oil temperature, ecology, P mode, fan reverse, rpm set, high beam, working lights.


  • Moldboard

    Hydraulic power shift fabricated from high carbon steel. Includes replaceable metal wear inserts, cutting edge and end bits. Cutting edge and end bits are hardened.
    Dimensions 4320 x 645 x 25 mm
    Arc radius 329 mm
    Cutting edge 152 x 16 mm


  • Operating Weight

    Includes lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank
    Total 18,520 kg
    On rear wheels 13,150 kg
    On front Wheels 5,371 kg
    Blade down pressure 8,920 kg
    Blade pull 11,835 kg
    Tyres and rims 17.5 x 25
    Blade 4.32 m


  • Rear Axle

    Alloy steel, heat treated, full floating axle with lock/unlock differential.

  • Ripper

    Penetration force 9,202 kg
    Pryout force 13,020 kg


  • Steering

    Hydraulic power steering providing stopped engine steering complies with SAE J23 and J1151
    Minimum turning radius 7.3 m
    Maximum steering range, right or left 49°
    Articulation, right or left 25°


  • Tandem Drive

    Oscillating welded box section 520 mm x 202 mm
    Inner 22 mm
    Outer 19 mm
    Wheel axle spacing 1525 mm
    Tandem oscillation 11° forward / 13° reverse


  • Transmissions and Torque Converter

    Full power shift transmission with integral free wheeling stator torque converter and lock-up.
    Gear Forward Reverse
    1st 3.4 km/h 4.5 km/h
    2nd 5.0 km/h 9.2 km/h
    3rd 7.0 km/h 20.3 km/h
    4th 10.2 km/h 40.3 km/h
    5th 15.4 km/h  
    6th 22.3 km/h  
    7th 30.6 km/h  
    8th 44.3 km/h  


  • Wheels, Front and Rear

    Bearings Tapered roller
    Tyres 14.00 - 24 radial
    Tyre rims (demountable) 10" three piece rims


GD555-5 Motor Graders

Our GD555-5 144 kW grader features outstanding visibility to the blade and work areas, as well as Komatsu’s unique dual mode transmission system that provides the option of full powershift or lockup automatic torque converter. As with all our graders, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 144 kW / 193 HP
  • 18,120 kg
  • 3,710 mm

Current Offers

High Performance Komatsu Engine

Electronic heavy duty common rail fuel injection system provides optimum combustion of fuel. This system also provides fast throttle response to match the machine's powerful tractive effort and productivity.

Power on Demand

Normally, the variable displacement pump idles at low output. When it senses a load requirement, the pump supplies quick flow and pressure to match the demand. The result is less hydraulic system heat, quick response and lower fuel consumption. The bottom line is greater efficiency.

Versatile Moldboard Geometry

Komatsu graders feature a versatile moldboard geometry. Save time and money when pulling ditches by throwing the windrow to the right, not the roadway - without narrowing the road bed. It's made possible by Komatsu's extraordinary reach and aggressive blade angle.

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