• Engine

    Model Komatsu SAAD95LE-6
    Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
    Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled
    Number of Cylinders 4
    Bore x Stroke 95 mm x 115 mm
    Piston Displacement 3.26 ltr
    Horsepower, Gross - SAE J1995 50.7 kW / 68 HP
    Horsepower, Net - ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 49 kW / 65.7 HP
    Rated RPM 1950
    Fan drive method Mechanical
    Emissions certification EPA Tier 4
  • Hydraulic System

    Type HydrauMind System
    Number of selectable working modes 6
    Main pump type Variable displacement, axial piston
    Pump for Boom, arm, bucket, and travel circuits
    Maximum flow 160 ltr/min
    Hydraulic Motors  
    Travel 1 x piston motor, variable displacement
    Swing 1 x piston motor with swing holding brake
    Relief Valve Setting  
    Implement circuits 270 kgf/cm3
    Travel circuit 270 kgf/cm3
    Swing circuit 215 kgf/cm3


  • Drives and Brakes

    Steering control Two levers with pedals
    Drive method Fully hydrostatic
    Maximum drawbar pull 123 kN 12500 kgf
    Travel speeds 4 / 30 km/h
    Service brake Hydraulic lock
    Parking brake Hydraulic Negative type
  • Swing System

    Driven by Hydraulic motor
    Swing reduction Planetary gear
    Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
    Service brake Hydraulic lock
    Swing speed 10 rpm
  • Coolant & Lubricant capacity

    Fuel tank 125 ltr
    Coolant 10 ltr
    Engine 11.5 ltr
    Differential, each side 9 ltr
    Swing drive 2.8 ltr
    Hydraulic tank 140 ltr
    DEF tank None
  • Weights

    Operating weight 9,950 - 10,500 kg

PW98MR-10 Excavators

Our rubber tyred short tailswing excavator combines the mobility and flexibility of a wheeled machine with the ability to work in confined spaces or crowded urban areas. As with all our construction excavators, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 50.7 kW / 68 HP
  • 9,950 kg
  • 0.28 m³

Current Offers

4-wheel steering

It’s possible to select between 3 steering modes: 2-wheel steering (for travelling), 4-wheel steering (for fast, agile operation) and crab (for confined areas). This ensures outstanding versatility and manoeuvrability. It’s easy and safe to change the steering mode: just push 2 switches at the same time on the new panel, and a green lamp will inform you of the steering mode selected. When working, the front-axle oscillation can be blocked for improved stability.

High lift capacity

Along with its class leading compact size, the PW98MR-10 features an unrivalled lifting performance.
The combination of power, convenient dimensions and complete control makes the PW98MR-10 the first choice for heavy duty lifting applications or simple excavating tasks in narrow alleys, road-construction sites and for sewer-construction work.

High productivity and fuel savings

Depending on the load, operators can conveniently choose between 5 working modes designed to match engine speed, pump delivery and system pressure. Priority can be given either to speed, for more productivity, or to fuel consumption for lighter applications. Fuel efficiency is further improved with the auto-deceleration, a standard feature that automatically slows down engine speed when levers are in neutral position, and with the eco-gauge, visible on the LCD monitor.

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