• Working ranges

    Hole size140 to 216 mm
    Hammers102 to 203 mm
    Drill pipe102 to 140 mm
  • Feed

    Pull down force53.4 kN
    Pull back53.4 kN
    Single pass depth 6.1 m
    Maximum depth42.7 m. (6 + 1) 30.5 m (4 + 1)
    Boom positioningSwing left 10°/right 18° Tilt 10° below to 35° above horizontal
    Mast positioningDump +16° to -45° from vertical Rotation pin #1 left/right -20° to +45° from vertical Rotation pin #2 left/right +45° to 5° from horizontal
  • Rotary head

    Rotation head torque7.5 kN-m
  • Pipe handling

    Carousel capacity114 mm diameter pipe for 6 pipe carousel + 1 under head 127 mm diameter pipe for 4 pipe carousel + 1 under head
  • Overall dimensions

    Operating weight (maximum)38 555 kg
    Operating height, mast vertical11.6 m
    Shipping dimensions (height x weight x length)3.51 x 2.89 x 13.05 m
    Electrical24 V
    Electro-hydraulic control systemVariable displacement, load sensing pumps

ZT44 Blasthole Drills

The ZT44 is a down-the-hole surface drill rig designed for mining-duty applications. It offers high reliability and production with purpose-built structures, a high horsepower engine and large capacity dual-setting compressor that adapts to varying rock hardness conditions. The ZT44 is a versatile machine, used for pre-split, production, auxiliary and other demanding needs.

Dual-pressure air compressor

With both high- and low-pressure drill settings, this compressor can adjust to changing drilling conditions, allowing for optimal performance up to 8.5-inch hammer. This largest compressor in its class can handle challenging elevations where production often drops off.

High tractive force and more

Powerful tractive force and an independent oscillating undercarriage deliver maneuverability on uneven grades and the ability to perform in various settings. That gives your operation more flexibility to determine the optimal use of your machine.

Compact design

The ZT44 blasthole drill adds exceptional versatility to your operation with a compact form that is designed for efficient drilling in tight spaces, while still providing the production capacity of larger machines.