Using art and music to power inclusivity

Bronte Jewell, a Komatsu Apprentice Technician from our Fairfield branch, has always been a big believer in the power of creative arts to build inclusivity.

“I want to see a world where we celebrate diversity, and empower each other through our creative expression,” Bronte says.

5 people standing with large Komatsu Live Your Dream cheque

Bronte was a recipient of a 2023 Komatsu Live Your Dream grant, which gives Komatsu employees the opportunity to contribute to their local community or wider society. Bronte chose to direct her $10,000 prize to the Illawarra Music Foundry (IMF) to support people with Down syndrome.

IMF is a registered non-for-profit organisation, which aims to engage and empower children and young people through musical performance, contributing to a vibrant and creative region.

Overhead view of arts and crafts being done on a table

“The IMF program promotes music education and encourages participants to look at other ways of communicating with each other, whether through music, creative arts or even sign language. The Foundry provides a platform for these individuals to express themselves creatively, while celebrating diversity and championing the rights and abilities of all individuals, regardless of their genetic makeup,” Bronte says.

Illawarra Music Foundry group shot

Bronte has been involved with the IMF for many years and has seen firsthand the incredible transformative power of mentorship and guidance through the power of creative arts.

“I have watched the huge impact it can have on an individual’s self-worth and overall, how it can positively shape lives.

Bronte Jewell and Illawarra Music Foundry with Live Your Dream cheque

“The sign language initiatives in particular, which I have been lucky enough to be involved in this year, have been instrumental in bridging communication barriers and fostering a sense of belonging for Down syndrome individuals within the community,” Bronte says.

Screen showing finger spelling in sign language

“The organisation has faced many challenges over the past few years with Covid-19 restrictions, but I’m so thankful to be able to give back to IMF, and I’d like to thank Komatsu for providing me with this opportunity to support a charity I deeply care about.”