Komatsu has enhanced its already extensive offering of Technical Training programs with the introduction of the Komatsu Total Technical Picture (KTTP).

31052010TradeSecretsTheKomatsuTotalTechnicalPicture-(1).jpgOriginally designed as a knowledge bridging course for new Komatsu technical people prior to entry into Komatsu's more advanced machine specific Technical Training programs, the KTTP is now experiencing high demand and acceptance from our service and assembly operations staff and supervisors.

Along with Komatsu's existing suite of Technical Training programs the KTTP is now available to customers and their technical people.

The new 4 day program gives participants a head start into understanding the applications of Komatsu's advanced systems and technologies. The program also covers the essential structure and navigation of Komatsu's Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Shop Manuals, Parts Books, Preventative Maintenance (PM) Clinic Report Warranty Reports, Hydraulics Schematics, Electrical Schematics and Service Reports.

Other features of the KTTP program include:

Komatsu machine range familiarisation, machine introduction and general servicing techniques

Hydraulic technology fundamentals

Komatsu unique hydraulics technology

Electrical technology fundamentals, and troubleshooting methods, tools and techniques

The KTTP sets the standard and establishes the pre-requisite knowledge for entry to Komatsu's machine specific Technical Training programs.

Overall the program provides specific Komatsu knowledge plus a refreshing new approach to fundamental trade skills knowledge. This is important, because, although trade skills knowledge is learned during initial trade training the work and experience people gain during their careers tends to be in a specialist area. This means that the areas they are not specialising in tend to be neglected as the learning is not reinforced via experience and practise. The KTTP corrects this situation by providing a thorough re-grounding in the fundamental technology and methods knowledge and skills areas.

Jason Alfeo, Komatsu's Technical Training Manager, says, "by setting the benchmark for entry into the higher level programs, as the KTTP, our Technical Trainers can be confident that people attending those programs have reached the standard required and pitch the training at the correct ability level."

"The Technical Trainers are noticing a substantial improvement in the abilities of staff who, have completed the KTTP who, are moving on to the higher level programs," said Jason.

"The KTTP fits well with our existing Technical Training System, which is structured on a 4 Level Competency Based Model with rigorous assessment and skills testing," Paul Richardson, Komatsu's National Organisational Development Manager said.

Komatsu's Technical Training Structure and KTTP Program:

"The design and development of the KTTP has been a real collaborative effort on the part of Jason and his team of Technical Trainers, everyone in the team provided valuable input and everyone in the team can deliver the program in the same way," Paul said.

The value of the KTTP became evident immediately after it was first launched, since then the program was reviewed and refined, and is now realising substantial and measureable improvements in productivity and workflow.

"Service Managers are reporting that fitters come back from completing the KTTP, more organised, systematic, confident and motivated , because they understand fully how the systems work and the methods to access detailed service and maintenance data, schematics and reports," said Jason.

First time problem resolution has improved as well as a reduction in job completion time.

Darryl Anderson, Komatsu's Gladstone Service Manager, said, "the KTTP brings great benefit to staff, it sets expectations and leads on to programs that open up career opportunities, we are very happy with this course and consider it the benchmark for all our technical staff when they start."

The 4 day format has also helped to improve learning outcomes by providing more time for practise exercises and questioning, leading to better knowledge reinforcement.

Morgan Byrnes, Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Simon Gabbett, Auto Electrician, both from Komatsu's Brisbane Branch, recently completed the KTTP. According to Morgan "the program is very beneficial and puts everything into perspective" and Simon points out that, "this is a very good idea for new starters, it provides a good refresher generally and is excellent for people from a non Komatsu background."

As Komatsu continues to introduce new advanced technologies into the machines, the KTTP will be enhanced and refined to ensure we maintain the skills development needs of our people.

Like the KTTP all Komatsu Technical Training programs are evaluated by participants and supervisors each time they are run, to ensure the program is undergoing continuous improvement.

Rob Venema, REMAN Product Quality and Reliability Manager says, "the KTTP brings new efficiencies to the way we conduct the technical side of our business and this means better customer outcomes and satisfaction."

"Our technical people are our first line staff, they deal directly with our customers, the more highly skilled they are the better the overall customer experience. The KTTP is really about the customer experience and aligns well with the Komatsu Customer Support Charter," said Paul.

Transfer of skills learned in the Komatsu Technical Training programs to the workplace is an important aspect of the way Komatsu develops its technical staff.

Komatsu Technical Training and skills development, including the KTTP, must be practised and reinforced on-the-job through experience. If training is effective it will produce change.

To ensure training produces change and skills are transferred to the workplace, early in 2010 Komatsu will introduce the Komatsu Certified Technic accreditation system for technical staff. The system will recognise excellence in achievement of post training skills development via an evidence based competency assessment process, leading to the award of Komatsu Certified Technic. The KTTP will be an integral part of this new accreditation system.

For further information on the KTTP and any of Komatsu's other Technical Training programs, please or contact Jason Alfeo on 0408 884 652 or Paul Richardson on 0412 679 724.