A major Western Australian mining operation has recently taken delivery of Komatsu's D575A-3 dozer, for an application that will primarily involve ripping work.

Dozer-(1).jpg"The D575A, the largest dozer ever manufactured, was first introduced in prototype form at Conexpo 1981, and was released as a production Dash 2 model 1991, followed in 2002 by the D575A-3." said David Laidlaw, Komatsu Australia's mining product manager for bulldozers and excavators.

"Throughout its history, a significant proportion of the D575As manufactured were sold to mines and contract miners in Australia, with others going to US coal mines," he said.

"The machine is particularly well suited to ripping applications, and has proved a vital tool where blasting is not permitted for various reasons, and where ripping is the only alternative," he said.

"This machine will be engaged in ripping about 95% of the time, as blasting is not allowed due to the mine's proximity to local residents, along with high-voltage power lines running through the lease.

"This new machine the first new D575A-3 sold into Australia joins a used D575A-3 that the customer imported about four years ago, and the two will work alongside each other," said David.

Another D575A-2 rips cap rock in a nearby mine, while in New Zealand, two Dash 2s are working at the Stockton coal mine on the West Coast of the South Island, again ripping cap rock in an area where blasting is not an option.

David said that Komatsu and the customer worked closely on the delivery of this final D575A-3 dozer to ensure the process went as smoothly as possible.

"The co-operation between both parties in respect of local build items prior to the arrival of the machine allowed the build to go to plan," he said.

"With the strong focus on local option assembly and commissioning, we were able to deliver on our promised handover date despite the challenges associated with a one-off build of this size and nature," he said.

Jason Lambert, Komatsu Australia's mining account manager in Western Australia, said that the build of the D575A-3 once it arrived in Australia went so well that it was able to go to work immediately after delivery.

"On July 16, we had a celebration at the customer's site to mark the delivery of the new D575A-3 dozer," he said.

"Representing Komatsu were our WA regional general manager, Paul Thompson and WA Deputy GM, Paul Neillings.

"We presented a Komatsu dozer model and plaque to senior mine management to mark the occasion on site and continued the celebration in the workshop for a photo opportunity in front of the dozer before it commenced work." said Jason.