Service, support and good on-going performance has keep Kalgoorlie-based mine pipeline services provider Dewatering Services Australia coming back to Komatsu equipment since buying its first Komatsu excavator four years ago.

10092010SupportKeepsDewateringServices-(1).jpgThe company's fleet of Komatsu equipment includes its first-ever, a PC130-7 excavator, a PC40MR-3 excavator, two SK820-5SF skidsteers (including one purchased in the past couple of months) and a brand-new PC200LC-8 excavator.

Dewatering Services specialises in pipeline installations for mines in remote areas of Western Australia, providing all design, materials, earthworks and support services on a turnkey basis, according to co-owner Chris Daly.

Established in May 2003 by Chris and business partners Brett Butterworth and Zack May, most of the company's work is in the Goldfields, Pilbara and Kimberley regions but it has worked all over WA.

"Mining accounts for 98% of our business, providing pipelines for pit dewatering, bore fields, tailing dams and ore-processing plants, along with installation of associated infrastructure," said Chris.

"Everywhere you go in mining you need pipelines."

Its excavators are used for pipeline excavation and pipe handling work, digging trenches, general civil works and moving a lot of pipe around, with the skidsteers used for moving pipes, as well as for general cleanup work around sites.

"We bought our first Komatsu, the PC130-7, because we needed another digger able to cope with a substantial amount of trenching we were working on at the time," said Chris.

"We decided a 13 tonner would suit our needs, and we looked at a couple of brands. Komatsu had a bigger presence than the others in the Goldfields, plus the price was very competitive.

"We went for the PC130-sized machine because it fits on the back of a plant trailer and it's not over-sized.

"That makes it a very versatile machine plus there's not many in the area, which gives us an edge over our competition. It's easy to load, it's versatile, and its performance is not that far below a 20 tonner," he said.

"We've been very pleased with the Komatsu machines; their excavators have been fantastic, and generally the support from the utility guys like Dave Spalding has been very good.

"All in all, we've had no real issues with them, and their reliability has been excellent.

"In the four years we've been with Komatsu, we've had no problems that's not bad at all," said Chris.