Komatsu has taken technical skills development to greater heights with the establishment of the Komatsu Certified Technic Accreditation System.

02122010SkillsSupremacyTheKomatsuCertifiedTechnicAccreditation.jpgA skilled technical workforce is critical to the success and sustainability of the Komatsu Australia business and the key component of delivering on customer needs.

Komatsu provides high quality technical training on our equipment and technology for Komatsu trades people and our customers.

Jason Alfeo, Komatsu's Technical Training Manager, considers that, "Learning and skills development of complex concepts and tasks requires time, practise, reinforcement and experience.

"For a person to be considered 'fully competent', the material learned in the training program must be applied and transferred in the workplace," Jason said.

Komatsu TechnicalTraining

Komatsu technical training programs are based on the competency standards specified in the skills levels of Komatsu's Technical Skills Competency Map.

Level 1:

Introduction and General Service.

Level 2:

Structure and Function.

Level 3:

Test and Adjust.

Level 4:


There are two development pathways for each Komatsu machine.

The Learning Pathway allows people to move through the four levels by attending training, and successfully completing assessments at each level, leading to the award of Certificate of Completion.

Paul Richardson, Komatsu's Organisational Development Manager, points out that, "A Certificate of Completion indicates that a person has successfully completed the program and the assessment to the standard required."

The Accreditation Pathway requires a person with a Certificate of Completion, to obtain on the job experience, documented evidence and undertake a competency assessment in the workplace.

"Completion of both pathways satisfies the requirements for Komatsu Certified Technic accreditation," said Paul.

The Komatsu Certified Technic Accreditation System

Komatsu Certified Technic accreditation is awarded to qualified Komatsu and customer trades people.

A Komatsu Certified Technic, through a combination of evidence, demonstration and workplace competency assessment, satisfies the skills requirements against Komatsu's Technical Skills Competency Map.

Jason Alfeo states that, "Accreditation applies to a specific machine grouping at one or more of the four skills levels."

Komatsu Certified Technics' are awarded a Certificate of Accreditation and an identification card attesting to their status.

Purpose and Benefits

Accreditation recognises excellence in achievement of post training skills development.

For Komatsu customers, Certified Komatsu Technic means they can be assured that a person is fully competent in the maintenance and repair of the specific machine.

Anthony Crowley, Komatsu's General Manager, Customer and Operations Support, explained, "Our technical people are our front line team. Our customers will benefit from the confidence they have in our highly skilled people who are supporting their equipment."

For individuals, pursuit and attainment of accreditation is a career development pathway and a significant achievement.

Steve Schofield, Komatsu's General Manager, Human Resources, expanded on the approach, "We are serious about engaging with our staff and ensuring they grow and reach their full potential.

This initiative is important for our technical people and they deserve credit and endorsement for their effort and achievement."

For Komatsu, it creates a situation where the skills of our technical workforce are factually known resulting in improved maintenance and repair outcomes for customers.

Anthony Crowley added, "At Komatsu we are focused on Continuous Improvement. This accreditation system demonstrates that we apply these principles broadly across our business, particularly in developing the skills of our people."

For further information please email, or contact Jason Alfeo

on 0408 882 652, or Paul Richardson on 0412 679 724.