Productivity and support behind Tasmanian specialist sawmiller's choice of Komatsu WA250PZ-6

When it came time to replace its wheel loader, CMTP Branxholm needed a machine that offers high productivity, efficient operation, good driver ergonomics and ongoing back up service, which led it to the Komatsu WA250PZ-6. Howard Shanks from constructionsa

WA250PZ-6-(1).jpgTasmanian-based CMTP supplies packaging and transport solutions to the manufacturing and agricultural industries. At its Branxholm (Tas) sawmill, the organisation produces softwood timber products; from pallets and export-grade fruit bins, to specialised whiskey boxes for overseas shipment.

Recently it went looking for a new wheel loader that would add productivity to its log yard. "Basically if that wheel loader in the log yard stops then the mill stops, it's that simple," says CMTP Branxholm General Manager, Dale Jessup.

"The main saw's log feeder holds about 15 minutes' worth of logs when the mill is cutting at full production, subsequently reliability and efficiency from the wheel loader are crucial components for us."

It opted for a Komatsu WA250PZ-6 wheel loader, which according to Komatsu (Tasmania) Account Manager, Jason Cowling, fitted CMTP Branxholm's brief for a high productivity and economically sound machine.

In addition, Komatsu's "Komplementary Maintenance" package ticked the box for ongoing back up service.

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