NEWS SERVICE 19 Jul 2011


The KOWA (Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis) service, offered as part of Komatsu's Condition Monitoring Service (CMS) is one of the most technically advanced oil analysis programs on the market.

19072011OilWearAnalysis-(1).jpgIt offers customers and end users unmatched accuracy and early-warning identification of critical machine components.

KOWA is a highly sophisticated oil analysis service, looking at the structure and makeup of used oil and other fluid samplestaken from a machine, ensuring owners know exactly what's going on inside the particular component tested being.

Komatsu Australia uses cutting-edge technologies in the analysis of each oil sample to provide operators with critical early-warning data on component wear and oil condition.

CMS technicians can use a KOWA sample to predict if a machine may be in danger of experiencing a component potentially saving owners thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime.

KOWA data can be logged over the life of a machine and wear trends predicted based on Komatsu's worldwide experience with many thousands of machines across a wide range of conditions and applications helping determine the life of a component, and allowing it to be replaced before failure.

And KOWA and other CMS services are not specific to Komatsu-branded machinery. All KOWA samples can be processed from any make or model of machine, across any application, including fixed plant and on- or off-highway vehicles and all are tested to the same high standard.

KOWA sampling provides the best data on internal wear if it is conducted right from the beginning of a machine's lifecycle, because all data is logged online and made accessible to

equipment owners.

Trends established from the data can assist with maintenance schedules, component change out times and inventory planning.

In addition, a KOWA sample history adds value to a machine, especiallyat trade-in time.

To give D2E readers an insight into the procedures used at Komatsu's KOWA labs, let's follow the progress of a sample once it arrives at the lab.