Komatsu has launched a new service offering 24/7 technical support. From the 1st November 2011 a one-stop shop for all technical support enquiries will be available.

Komatsu staff and customers can phone at any time for technical assistance and the available support will include everything from answering a quick shop manual question, right through to a lengthy more technical troubleshooting solution session.

All internal staff of Komatsu Australia, such as field service technicians, workshop service technicians and after-hour service technicians on job sites will be able to utilise this new technical support, which will help streamline processes and save time.

This service will also give some relief to regional technical representatives, allowing them to focus on their primary job of assisting technicians in rectifying customers' machine issues on site, rather than supporting internal enquiries from technicians and customers.

Customers will also be able to contact the Komatsu Technical Coordination Centre for all technical enquiries by phone. This will also save time for them having to look for the phone number for the Komatsu Branch and then find the technical person to help the enquiry.


This service applies to all Komatsu Utility, Construction & Mining equipment


The team that will be offering this new 24/7 technical support for all products consists of four qualified Technical Specialists:

Barry Burke:

Barry has worked for Komatsu Australia for 14 years. He started with KAL as a Plant Mechanic in Fairfield workshop in 1996 and has since worked in a number of roles within Komatsu, including: parts interpreter, service department support and most recently he was the Technical Parts Officer in Head Office from July 2000, until he joined this new technical support team.

Allan Bickerton:

Allan is a fully qualified Diesel Mechanic and has been working in the heavy machinery industry since 1981. Allan has been with Komatsu for 5 years, starting as the Senior Condition Monitoring Technician in our CMS Lab in Brisbane. In 2010 he moved to Newcastle NSW to start up and run the new Komatsu CMS Lab. We now welcome Allan and his technical knowledge into our new technical support team.

Brad Akin:

Brad started with Komatsu Australia in January 2003 as an apprentice plant mechanic and completed his apprenticeship in April 2006. Once a fully qualified mechanic, Brad started in Field Service for the Fairfield branch. The experience gained during this time is a significant stepping stone into the role as a Technical Specialist for the new Komatsu technical support team.

Russell Lamb:

Russell has been with Komatsu for 8 years and he also started with Komatsu Australia as an apprentice plant mechanic. In 2006 he was awarded 2nd place inStage III Automotive Plant Mechanics at South Western Sydney Institute of TAFE.

He worked with Komatsu until April 2008, whenhe left to gain further industry experience and returned to Komatsuin April 2011 to join the newKomatsu technicalsupport team.