New PC4000 mining excavator increases productivity, safety, reduces operating costs

Komatsu Australia has released the latest version of its 370-tonne class mining excavator, the PC4000-11 Tier 2, delivering higher productivity, reduced maintenance costs, increased reliability, and upgraded safety features.

The new excavator is based on the PC4000-11 released at Minexpo in 2016 – but incorporates a Tier 2 emissions standard engine, rather than the Tier 4 Final engine fitted to the PC4000-11.

It achieves its productivity increases through having the highest digging forces – both in backhoe and face shovel configurations – in its class, a large-capacity 23 cu m backhoe bucket, and faster cycle times through variable-speed slew motors.

Proven Komatsu-designed-and-manufactured hydraulic pumps contribute to lower maintenance costs through long life and easy-to-maintain design.

A simplified Komatsu control system ensures a high level of reliability.

Safety standards for both operators and maintenance crews have been improved through a number of upgrades, including 45° stairway access stairs and factory-fitted exit ladders.

The PC4000-11 Tier 2 has an operating weight of 388-405 tonnes (depending on configuration), has a 23 cu m capacity bucket as standard in backhoe configuration and 22 cu m in shovel mode.

It is powered by a Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 engine rated at 1400 kW.

According to Michael Hall, Komatsu Australia’s National Product Manager, Mining, the PC4000-11 Tier 2 has been specially developed to suit Australian conditions.

“Apart from the engine, the PC4000-11 Tier 2 is the same as the PC4000-11 released in Las Vegas last year – including all the safety and technological developments it incorporated.

“Komatsu can now supply the latest design and technology with a Tier 2 option to Australian mines not requiring the Tier 4 PC4000-11 model,” he said.

“For that reason, we are offering this model with the well-known and proven Tier 2 compliant Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 engine for Australia.

 “And it comes direct from the factory aligned with Australian mining requirements, so minimal modifications are required.”

Michael said that Komatsu Australia would be bringing the first PC4000-11 Tier 2 to Australia second quarter of 2018 in backhoe configuration.

“This size and configuration excavator is a flexible loading tool option for many Australian mining operations and, with the local industry showing improved growth and activity, bringing in a stock machine is a sign of our confidence in the industry’s future,” he said.

“We see excellent potential for this model, and are keen to see the advantages and improvements it delivers used in mining operations in Australia.”

Upgraded safety features are key improvements on the PC4000-11 Tier 2.

It now incorporates new 45° access stairs, which allow operators and maintenance personnel much easier and safer access to the machine, including easier access to the machinery house level and to the operators cabin.

“Another safety advance is a new emergency egress system, incorporating emergency exits on two sides of the machine, ensuring high safety standards for all personnel on the machine,” Michael said.

A flipdown two-piece ladder, with anti-slip surfaces helps ensure quite and safe exit from the machine in case of emergency.

The front window of the cabin is 19 mm thick impact-resistant glass, giving additional operator protection.

A new lighting system, consisting of 14 high-performance working lights using the latest LED technology ensures significantly better visibility at night and other times of low visibility.

The excavator’s control system has been simplified and upgraded, using Komatsu controllers to reduce nodes and provide additional redundancy for improved efficiency.

“The PC4000-11 Tier 2 is fitted with Komatsu’s latest KOMTRAX Plus remote monitoring system, providing remote monitoring information about the machine’s performance and operating status,” Michael said.

“It also incorporates extended oil change intervals combined with easier and safer machine access, significantly reducing regular maintenance requirements.

“As well, the machine is Modular Mining’s ProVision ready, allowing it to incorporate a machine guidance system that integrates with mine planning software.”

“It is also ready for MineWare’s Argus Payload System, allowing accurate, reliable payload measurements, so operators can optimise loading to required truck payloads,” he said.

Brief specs of the new PC4000-11 Tier 2 are:

Backhoe configuration: Operating weight, 394- 405 tonnes; bucket capacity, 23 cu m; engine, Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 rated at 1400 kW, arm breakout, 107,068 kgf; bucket breakout, 117,775 kgf; maximum dig depth, 8000 mm.

Face shovel configuration: Operating weight, 388- 400 tonnes; bucket capacity, 22 cu m; engine, Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 rated at 1400 kW, arm crowd force, 127,462 kgf; bucket breakout force, 135,620 kgf; maximum dump height, 12,000 mm.