Komatsu Australia has released a new version of its 20-tonne class D65-series dozer, the D65EX-16, incorporating features that can deliver up to 10% more production, 15% less fuel consumption and a total 25% increase in fuel efficiency.

Powered by Komatsu's Tier 3-compliant SAA6D114E-3 ecot3 engine delivering 139 kW net, the new dozer (which is also available in a swamp dozer version, the D65PX-16) features an automatic transmission with lockup torque converter, delivering up to 10% lower fuel consumption compared with its predecessor.

This, combined with Komatsu's new generation SIGMA Dozer blade (first released on the D155AX-6 in 2005) which can deliver up to 15% higher productivity than a conventional semi-U blade, results in up to 25% better fuel efficiency.

According to Kevin Edwards, Komatsu Australia's National Business Manager, the automatic gearshift transmission and full automatic lock-up torque converter are the keys to the D65EX-16's overall improved performance.

"Constant monitoring of the dozer's application requirements allow the system to engage the torque converter when high torque is needed, or to lock-up the torque converter automatically and supply 100% direct drive during less demanding working conditions reducing overall fuel consumption byup to 10%," he said.

"In addition, all powertrain components are sealed in a modular design that allows them to be removed and installed without oil spillage, making servicing work clean, smooth and easy."

Complementing the increased fuel efficiency of the D65EX-16's powertrain is the new generation SIGMA Dozer blade.

"Komatsu has taken advantage of end-user experience since the previous launch of the blade on the D155A-6 in December 2005," Kevin said.

"We have improved this new generation blade to make a vastly more versatile blade, offering the best performance in productivity, grading and spreading.

"Available on the EX version only, this Komatsu-patented blade works like a V-shape bucket for optimum and aggressive penetration," he said.

"Thanks to a standard pitch function, it also offers a perfectly flat edge for top grading performance.

"Komatsu has significantly improved the blade's effective capacity and its rolling characteristics, with lateral edges helping push the rolling material continuously towards the centre.

"The result is a 15% increase in dozing productivity when compared with a conventional semi-U blade delivering up to 25% higher fuel efficiency per metre of dirt moved," Kevin said.

A straight Power Angle Tilt (PAT) dozer blade with a highly durable box structure is also available as an option on the D65EX-16 (standard on the D65PX-16), resulting in more versatility across a wide range of applications.

Other features of the D65EX-16 include:

Operator selectable working modes, with the option of E (economy) mode for general operations and P (power) mode when higher production or pushing power is required.

Komatsu's Palm Command Control System (PCCS) joystick control for the travel system, and its Palm Command Proportional Pressure Control (PPC) blade control joystick.

Powertrain electronic control system, incorporating automatic/manual shift selectable mode; automatic shift is for general dozing, while manual shift is for dozing or ripping on rough ground, when more operator control is required.

Hydrostatic Steering System (HSS), with engine power transmitted to both tracks at all times, for smooth, powerful turns.

Redesigned ROPS cab with a fully adjustable air suspension seat is wider, deeper and taller than on its predecessor and fully integrated with the ROPS structure, and offers the best visibility in its class.

Cab damper mounting, incorporating long-stroke dampers to soften shocks and vibration in rough conditions, suppressing vibration and providing a quieter more comfortable operating environment.

Komatsu's Parallel Link Undercarriage System (PLUS), with rotating bushings combined with heavy duty double seals

Supplied with Komatsu's KOMTRAX remote monitoring and tracking system as standard.