myKomatsu introduces quick and easy ordering of scheduled service parts online

Scheduled service parts needed for regular servicing requirements as specified according to service meter reading (SMR) hours can now be ordered more quickly, easily and efficiently via the myKomatsu online parts portal (

To ensure earthmoving, quarrying and mining equipment remains productive, reliable, safe and efficient, it’s essential customers follow the regular servicing requirements specified for Komatsu’s SMR hours.

And because the parts and consumables needed to carry out a scheduled service can vary considerably depending on the machine and the relevant SMR service, it can be a time-consuming process to ensure all the parts required have been ordered.

Now, to make this process easier, faster and more efficient, the myKomatsu online parts portal allows customers to order their scheduled service parts through pre-populated Bill of Material lists, using an easy-to-use, intuitive process.

This new feature has been introduced in response to customer demand and requests. Customers must be logged in to gain access to this new functionality.

According to David Small, Komatsu’s General Manager – Aftermarket, ordering through myKomatsu’s pre-populated list feature ensures their order contains all the parts and consumables required for a machine’s SMR service, so that it fully aligns with the company’s National Service Standards.

“Komatsu’s National Service Standards specify which parts are required for each SMR service interval; these standards have been developed to build on and expand Komatsu’s factory standards,” says Small.

“By using scheduled service parts based around the National Standard, customers are assured they are maintaining their machines using the right OEM parts – backed by full Komatsu warranty.

“Customers’ ability to order these scheduled service parts using pre-populated lists through myKomatsu greatly streamlines and speeds up the ordering process, so that the correct parts are supplied for the right machine every single time.

“This helps ensure that a machine’s productivity and uptime is maintained, with unscheduled downtime far less likely to occur,” he says.

Scheduled service parts included within Komatsu’s National Standard include:

  • * Filters, including fuel, oil, hydraulic, air, coolant and brake fluid
  • Fluids, including coolant, oils and greases
  • KOWA oil sample kits
  • Hoses
  • Nuts, bolts, washers, seals and other small items.

“myKomatsu automatically creates a pre-populated list of scheduled-service parts – matched by serial number to the customer’s actual machine – that contains the full range of parts required for the next SMR service interval.

“That means they are not taking any shortcuts or finding out that they don’t have all the parts and consumables they need for a scheduled service,” says Small.

Within myKomatsu, customers can search for scheduled service parts based on their machine model, as well as by serial number, to ensure they have everything they need. Premium online account customers can also search according to their fleet records.

Small says it’s a simple three-step process to identify – and then order – the correct pre-populated parts list for a machine’s next scheduled service, giving customers’ a fast and efficient online shopping experience:

Step 1: Enter machine’s details (either model number or serial number), or select a machine from a fleet list (Premium Online Account customers only).

Step 2: Select the machine’s engine serial number range.

Step 3: Select the upcoming SMR service interval, between 250 and 6000 hours.

“Once identified, each pre-populated parts list shows the individual items within it, so a customer understands what’s required, including the individual parts, and the quantities of each,” he says.

“Customers can add extra items, or even delete some if they don’t wish to purchase. At all times, the flexibility in the ordering process is within the customer’s control.”

Scheduled service parts can be added to a shopping cart with a single click. They can also be saved as a “Wishlist” for a future checkout without having to repeat the process.

Scheduled service parts orders can also be shared with others within an organisation, including identification of the model and service interval.

“Another great enhancement on myKomatsu is stock availability of parts,” says Small. “This includes stock within its local distribution centre and local branch.

“Service parts ordered through myKomatsu are shipped from our region-wide network of distribution centres and branches, directly to the nominated location for that machine, whether it’s the customer’s workshop, jobsite or office.

“This latest upgrade is the latest in Komatsu’s suite of offerings through our myKomatsu online customer portal.

“We’re excited to be able to continually grow our digital offering to make it easier for customers to do business with us online,” says Small.

“From the rollout of our online portal in 2019, to the integration of our Condition Monitoring Services website in 2020, and now the quick and easy online ordering of scheduled service parts, this is the latest example of how we are constantly responding to customers,” he says.

The myKomatsu online customer portal is available at and can be accessed by any web-enabled device: desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, 24/7 from any location.