Moolarben’s Stealth Fleet goes on Show Moolarben Coal unveiled today its new purpose built truck fleet that is designed to significantly reduce environmental noise impacting on the community.

Moolarben-(1).jpgMoolarben Coal recognised that 'first pass' loading noise is intrusive in the surrounding community,

even when the mine siteis operating below compliant noise levels.

Strategic thinking by Moolarben personnel identified the possible benefits of using a Duratray

Suspended Dump Body (SDB) design to reduce loading noise, even though this is not its principal

design purpose.

Moolarben Coal General Manager John Blanning said the success of this project has been achieved

through a collaborative partnership with Duratray, Komatsu and Moolarben.

"The initial Suspend Dump Body trial successfully delivered a notable measureable benefit of noise

reduction during loading of adverse hard rock materials," Mr Blanning said.

"With the success of the first trial, we have invested approximately $2million to purchase four new

Duratray Suspend Dump Bodies to fit our new fleet of Komatsu 830E haul trucks.

"By operating this fleet we firmly believe we will be able to achieve a significant reduction in peak

instantaneous noise events, which will deliver an environmental noise benefit to the community.

"This investment by Moolarben Coal is setting a new industry benchmark for environmental noise

reduction impacts on the community," Mr Blanning said.

Moolarben Coal operates its mine within the designated noise limits, which often requires changes

to operations or even stoppages.

The noise reduction achieved by the 'Stealth Trucks' as they are known on site, has created a

number of benefits including:

Reducing instantaneous intrusive noise events for community;

Reducing operational delays on the mine site; and

Reducing overall noise levels to as low as practically possible ? surpassing government

compliance requirements.

"The success of the Noise Reduction trial at Moolarben is due to strong engineering and project

collaboration between Moolarben, Komatsu & Duratray, and delivers a very positive outcome forall

stakeholders", Leo Kaloglou, General Manager Mining, Komatsu Australia.

How the Stealth Fleet Works Unlike regular truck bodies Duratray's SDB is comprised of rubber

wall and floor liners, the floor is supported by elastomeric ropes that are connected to a steel frame.

These materials dampen the noise when rock is dropped in the tray.

Duratray provided Moolarben with a specific design body which intrinsically reduces loading noise

whilst still maintaining good truck efficiency.

Komatsu has assisted Duratray in creating a dump body that isideally matched to the sites non-

standard sound attenuated 830E haul trucks.

Article supplied by Moolarben Coal Pty Ltd