Latest Komatsu general purpose loaders cut fuel use

Komatsu has launched two new general purpose wheel loaders, the 143 kW WA380-8 and the 203 kW WA470-8 – both featuring new-generation Komatsu engines delivering lower fuel consumption than their previousgeneration​ equivalents.

The WA380-8 has an operating weight of 18.35-19 tonnes, takes buckets ranging

from 2.7-3.6 cu m and is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine rated at 143

kW net. Fuel consumption is significantly lower than the previous WA380-6.

The 24.2-25.2 tonne WA470-8 has bucket capacities from 3.8-4.7 cu m, and is

powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 rated at 203 kW net, with fuel consumption

6% improved over the WA470-7.  

According to Garth Dixon, Komatsu NZ’s National Sales Manager, applications

for the WA380-8 include civil construction and local government, to sales loading,

concrete batch work, log handling with appropriate attachments, waste and

recycling, while the WA470-8 is designed for sales loading, logging, waste and

mulch handling.

“The engines on both loaders incorporate Komatsu’s electronic control system

performing high-speed processing of all signals from sensors installed in the vehicle,

providing total control of equipment across all conditions of use,” he said.

A dual power engine mode lets operators select Economy mode, giving maximum

fuel efficiency in general loading works, or Power mode for maximum output in

tough applications.

Garth said the two loaders also feature Komatsu SmartLoader Logic engine system,

which controls engine torque to match machine demands.

Engine condition information is displayed via an on-board network to the monitor

inside the cab, providing all necessary operating data to the operator.

This data is also accessed through the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system.

As with other Komatsu equipment powered by the company’s new Tier 4 engines,

KOMTRAX monitors and transmits far more detailed data about engine conditions

and operation, giving unmatched visibility into the health of equipment – and any

potential issues.