Komatsu's KOMTRAX satellite monitoring system has once again helped a New Zealand customer recover a stolen machine.

24102011KomtraxRecoversStolenMachineInNewZealand-(1).jpgThe PC18 MR-3 excavator and its attachments were stolen from a fenced and patrolled secure site in Christchurch.

The excavator was on a trailer and the thieves used another 9T truck also on the site to tow it away late at night.

Security guards did see them exiting the property, but the thieves did not appear conspicuous as they were wearing high vis clothing and waved to the security guards as they drove away.

Branch Manager Paul Stockdale from Clarke Machine Hire became aware of the theft around 6:45am the following morning, when security guards found the keys to the truck and machine still hanging on the wall in the office.

Police and Komatsu NZ were notified by 7am and they assisted the owner and the police to track the machine to an address using the KOMTRAX system.

"It was a shock to hear the machine was missing," Mr Stockdale said.

It took Komatsu less than 30 minutes to provide the police and Clarke Hire with the address of the stolen machine, plus an aerial photo sent to Paul's phone showing its location.

The excavator was at the address provided by Komatsu. By chance, while driving to the address provided by KOMTRAX, the stolen 9T truck was also spotted 2 blocks away from the excavators location and was also recovered.

Police indicated it was a relatively significant arrest, with not only the excavator found on the premises, but also drugs of interest, suspicious cash and a cannabis farm.

The truck and excavator were released back to Clarke Hire that afternoon.

Mr Stockdale said the police advised that other small machines and skid steers had been stolen recently in Christchurch.

"Out of the four stolen in recent times, Clarke Machine Hire's was the only one recovered, because of KOMTRAX," he said.

The PC18MR-3 excavator has KOMTRAX as standard fitment.

KOMTRAX Satellite Monitoring uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking and specialised diagnostic sensors to monitor a machine's critical operating data, including machine location, working conditions, engine temperature and fuel consumption.

By monitoring a machine's working status, KOMTRAX is able to help prevent mechanical damage because it alerts the operator to imminent problems - such as overheating, or simply low fuel levels.

One of KOMTRAX's significant benefits is its to locate the machine to which it is fitted, no matter where it may be.

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