Komatsu's KOMTRAX satellite monitoring system has once again helped a Queensland customer recover a stolen machine.

12112011KomtraxRecoversAnotherStolenMachine-(1).jpgThe PC45 MR-3 mini-excavator was stolen from a fenced and patrolled secure site along with its attachments and another operator's skid-steer loader late at night.

Owners Dean and Marilyn Bryant became aware of the theft around 6am the following morning, arriving on-site to find an empty space where the excavator had been parked.

Mr Bryant phoned the police and also Komatsu around 7.30am to establish the machine's position using the KOMTRAX system.

He said "It was a shock to arrive on-site to find the machine missing".

"I was reversing up to where we had parked the machine overnight and noticed in the mirror it was gone," he said.

"I jumped out of the truck, only to find its attachments had also been taken.

"We followed the machine's tracks to where the thieves had obviously parked a truck to take the machines away.

"This meant the machines were mobile and recovering them was a matter of urgency," Mr Bryant said.

"Within 36 hours police were able to make a recovery, and the machine was returned to the owner."

Despite the good news, another (non KOMTRAX-equipped) machine that was stolen alongside the Komatsu is yet to be recovered.

Mr Bryant said "KOMTRAX had proven to be a lifesaver when it came to his family's livelihood".

"The excavator had been moved to a transport yard ready for shipping if it wasn't for Komtrax we don't know where it would have ended up.

It's worth every cent having the service installed you just never know when you are really going to need it!" he said.

KOMTRAX Satellite Monitoring uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking and specialised diagnostic sensors to monitor a machine's critical operating data including machine location, working conditions, engine temperature and fuel consumption.

"KOMTRAX is much more than just a simple GPS locator it's a reliable and efficient way to manage any operation, whether a single machine or an entire fleet.

"By monitoring a machine's working status, KOMTRAX is able to help prevent mechanical damage because it alerts the operator to imminent problems such as overheating, or simply running out of fuel.

One of KOMTRAX's significant benefits is its ability to locate the machine to which it is fitted, no matter where that machine is on the planet".