Two new Komatsu machines, a WB97S-5E0 backhoe and a WA320PZ-6 toolcarrier loader, were delivered to Quilpie Shire Council, based in south-western Queensland, just in time to help clean up after once-in-a-century floods in late February and early March.

The shire already owned a Komatsu WA320-5 loader, a GD555-3A grader and an SK714 skidsteer.

The floods, which turned much of the region into a vast inland sea, cut off the town of Quilpie and required evacuations of Adavale and Eromanga, said Monica James, the shire's community services manager.

"As a result of the floods, we had a lot of damaged roadways, and our grader crew has been hard at work reopening these," said Monica. "We've also had the other machines working throughout the shire cleaning up silt and debris that's spilled over floodways."

Quilpie Shire Council had purchased the latest Komatsu units following good performance and reliability over the past four years from its three earlier Komatsu machines, said Monica.

The shire is located about 950 km due west of Brisbane, covers an area of 67,485 sq km and services a population of 1057 of which 630 live in the town of Quilpie.

The area covered by the shire is almost wholly devoted to grazing, both wool and beef. Other important industries include opal mining and production, plus oil and gas exploration and production.

According to Monica, the two latest Komatsu machines were purchased as a result of the earlier machines' performance and reliability over the past four years, and the good support received from Komatsu Australia particularly considering the remoteness of the shire.

"We've always had very good support and service from Komatsu, and it's certainly been up to our expectations," she said.

"In addition, our operators find them very comfortable and easy to operate."

The existing and WA320-5 loader and GD555A-3A grader, which are used for general road construction and maintenance operations throughout the shire, are being joined by the WA320PZ-6 toolcarrier unit.

"We opted to go for a toolcarrier unit, as it allows us to put a wider range of attachments on it including forklifts and a craning jib making it more versatile for our needs," said Monica.

The shire's new WB97S-5E0 backhoe is used for plumbing and general construction works, complementing its existing SK714 skidsteer, which is used in similar applications.