NEWS SERVICE 26 Nov 2010


A Komatsu Bulldozer owner has slashed 60 per cent off the cost of replacing undercarriage by using Komatsu Australia's track plate re-lugging service.

26102010KomatsuTrackReluggingSlashesUndercarriage-(1).jpgThe Hi Quality Group, a Landfill, Recycling and Quarry based Customer in Sydney, recently had the Komatsu track press facility at Fairfield in Sydney's west carry out undercarriage repairs and maintenance on its D375A-5 Bulldozer and PC800-6 Excavator.

Komatsu refitted replacement sprockets and performed a full pin and bush turn. It also re-lugged the track plates of the D375A-5 rather than replace them with new items.

Hi Quality's Adam Hallinan said the 60 per cent saving off the cost of new undercarriage was backed up by real time efficiencies for his business.

"We have sites throughout Sydney, Goulburn and Melbourne and have been dealing with Komatsu for more than 20 years, knowing that they can continually offer us savings and improvements for our Operations are one of the reasons we continue to do business with them".

"The workshop staff were able to re-lug the plates at the same time as the pin and bush turn, which saved even more time.

"In our type of industry undercarriage components can wear out at a significantly high rate, meaning we need to replace components often.

"It's important for us to save on operating costs where we can, which is why we opted for re-lugging," he said.

Komatsu's NSW Undercarriage Specialist John Mortimer said the company's re-lugging service provided a cost-effective alternative to throwing away worn track plates.

The re-lugging process is carried out on a 'grouser welder', which removes the worn section and replaces it with an ISO-certified Metisa grouser bar.

The Metisa bar has a unique chemical composition that is more resistant to wear and breakage than other wear parts and is welded on the existing plate using a submerged arc weld process.

"Re-lugging a plate restores it to factory specification, at a fraction of the cost of a new item," Mr Mortimer said.

"Komatsu has six track press facilities in Australia, each able to perform a wide range of Undercarriage service and repairs".

"As well as offering pin and bush turning, we are able to offer customers a full suite of replacement parts, from rollers and idlers to sprockets and new pins and bushes."

Komatsu Australia also offers a free in-field undercarriage inspection service to customers, in addition to their complete range of undercarriage solutions.

For more information call 1300 566 287.