The support from Komatsu contributed to enabling the delivery of the Beacon program in 114 schools

KomatsuKomatsu-Support-Beacon-(1).jpg Australia has continued to provide a high level of support to the Beacon Foundation, which works with schools, communities and businesses to develop meaningful solutions to youth unemployment.

During 2013, the support from Komatsu contributed to enabling the delivery of the Beacon program in 114 schools in low SES (socio economic status) communities around Australia.

These were focused in regions where students were experiencing challenges, helping young people to prepare to successfully transition from school to work or further education.

Through this program, Komatsu actively provided opportunities for its staff to work with students through a range of Beacon activities.

In addition, Komatsu further showed its commitment to addressing youth unemployment through its involvement in Beacon's Real Futures Generation initiative, a program which delivers actual employment opportunities within supporting company for young people.

Under Real Futures Generation, Komatsu employs three young people on traineeships, along with one who commenced an apprenticeship at the start of 2014.

An Example of the Komatsu-Beacon partnership in action was the Business Blackboard presentation at Nyanda State High School south of Brisbane.

Nyanda State High School's commitment to the Beacon program truly shone in 2013, with the school embracing the Beacon Business Blackboard sessions with enthusiasm.

Komatsu was one of the businesses that engaged with Nyanda through this unique career education program, in which curriculum-relevant lessons are developed and delivered in collaboration with industry professionals.

These lessons enable students to gain a real insight into how the subject content they learn in school is relevant and applicable in their day-to-day work life after they leave school.

As part of the Komatsu Business Blackboard, Komatsu staff provided some history and background on the company, and some of the career paths offered. This presentation enabled students to connect to the content of the lesson to follow and to have a better understanding of the activities.

The actual lesson revolved around the concept of building a pool in the school grounds, with students required to work out the volume and measurements of the project.

This lined up perfectly with the students maths curriculum, with teacher Adam White saying this would help students to see the relevance of what they do in a classroom on a day to day basis.

Komatsu is continuing to support the Beacon Foundation and its programs throughout 2014.