A strong relationship and the proven engineering capability of Komatsu products contribute to the extending operational life of a 210M Dump Truck at a Victorian quarry.

Conundrums-210M-(1).jpgConundrum Holdings P/L has run the Komatsu 210M Dump Truck for more than a decade at its Stawell Quarry and now its basalt quarry in Epping, 22km north of Melbourne's CBD, where high quality concrete aggregates and crushed rock for road base are produced.

Wayne Deken of Conundrum Holdings said "The 210M was in operation well before I started at Conundrum eight years ago, but it is still as reliable as the newer trucks that it works alongside,"

"Due to its age, the 210M requires parts that aren't generally available but when Komatsu became our service partner last year, they supplied us with information and a Fixed Price Service agreement which keeps it in perfect operational order.

"Fixed Price Servicing means we know the cost up front and enables us to budget for future service work"

"We demand a lot from our equipment the trucks in particular work in a very harsh, abrasive environment," Mr Deken added.

Komatsu's Bill Guirguis, Customer Support Sales Representative, who started with the company in April 2011, instigated the servicing agreement with Conundrum Holdings and began visiting the Epping quarry once a week to confirm Komatsu's support of the company's machines.

Within three months, Mr Guirguis hadre-signed the fleet to Komatsu's Fixed Price Servicing (FPS) agreements with the exception of the 210M, for which he began to source the necessary information on parts for servicing.

By August 2011, the 210M was also signed to an FPS agreement, guaranteeing specialist care for the truck well into the future.

"The 210M is a prime example of a well-made, but also equally well-maintained truck," Mr Guirguis said.

"For the Conundrum's fleet we provide consumables such as belts, hoses, oils and parts to rebuild the transmission on-site whenever Conundrum requires them sometimes at very short notice.

"This means the machine doesn't have to be removed from the quarry so its operational downtime, and subsequent impact to the company's bottom line, is significantly reduced."

Mr Deken said the 210M had also gained a favourable reputation amongst the drivers at the Epping quarry.

"Some of our operators actually prefer to use the 210M over the much newer equipment from other manufacturers we have," he said.

"We are happy to keep it in operation, and with such a high level of care from Komatsu through its servicing program, there are no plans to retire it."