Komatsu Australia has released a range of purpose-built scrap metal recycling Dash 8 excavators which are designed, specified and built to meet the needs of the scrap metal recycling industry.

05112010KomatsusScrapMetalRecyclingExcavator-(1).jpgIts range of Dash 8 scrap metal recycling excavators, with operating weights from 13 tonnes to 45 tonnes, incorporate Komatsu-approved modifications to ensure they meet scrap metal yards' requirements for durability, reliability, performance, safety and uptime.

According to Peter Vansittart, Komatsu Australia's Business Manager, Forestry & Special Projects, the scrap metal handling range combines the benefits of Komatsu's Dash 8 excavators and its Australia-wide service and support network, with a Komatsu-approved metal recycling package.

"We recognise that this business is very tough on excavators, so we've built in additional features to ensure we can deliver the reliability and durability that's needed while at the same time delivering the highest-possible safety standards," he said.

"Our built for purpose scrap metal recycling excavator package incorporates additional safety features specifically for this industry, including machine guarding, attachments piping and maintenance enhancements."

Specific features for metal recycling applications include:

A 1 m high "cab riser" unit (with provision for a slide out generator

to power a magnet attachment)

Komatsu's newly released parallel lift cabin (option on PC220-8 and PC300-8 only), which lifts through 2400 mm to total height above ground of 5440 mm, and giving excellent visibility into high tipper bodies and general work area

Windscreen guard which hinges open

Severe application "Fortress" glass incorporating Kevlar tint, or polycarbonate as an option

Safety handrails

Walkway with emergency escape point

Non-slip material on upper structure

Komatsu safety cab incorporating Operator Protective Guarding 2 (OPG2) system

Open-door safety cut-out switch

Automatic greasing system

Second or third member heavy duty shear piping

Engine bay debris screens

High Intensity Discharge (HID)work lights

Heavy duty belly plates

Guarded emergency stop buttons

Fire extinguishers

Battery isolation lockout system

Boom-to-arm quick hitch

Rotating beacon.

"All machines offered for our scrap metal recycling excavator package go through a full 'Komatsu-approved' process, to guarantees they comply with factory specifications," said Peter.

This incorporates Komatsu's SMART (Structural Modification Assessment And Request Transaction) process, which ensures:

Reduced risk to the end user and customer

No compromises in performance

Modifications and attachments meet all relevant Australian Standards

Metal recycling attachments are properly matched to machine capabilities, ensuring optimum performance at all times.

"The end result is maximum performance and productivity, enhanced machine reliability and durability, greater operator and employee safety and increased uptime," he said.

"Our industry-specific modifications are on top of the standard benefits built in to every Komatsu Dash 8 excavator.

"These include our Komatsu safety cabs, industry leading fuel efficiency, lower noise levels, increased operator comfort, higher productivity and increased uptime through the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system and our exclusive nationwide contract maintenance packages," said Peter.

"The end result is a range of excavators ready made to go to work immediately in the scrap metal recycling industry; no additional modifications or changes are required when they arrive on site."