NEWS SERVICE 19 Nov 2010


A Sydney-based excavator owner-operator says his company has slashed and controlled costs thanks to Komatsu's fixed price servicing.

19112010KomatsuFixedPriceServicing-(1).jpgOwner-operator Sam Cambria said Komatsu's ability to service his machine on the work site 24-hours, 7 days a week was important to single-machine operators like him.

"As an operator I like to be reliable - in fact it's essential in my line of work," he said.

"The best way to keep my machine in top working order is to ensure all maintenance is conducted on time and as scheduled, which is where Komatsu is a huge help.

"Knowing the exact price of each service means we are accurately able to predict operating costs, which is a huge advantage. "

"With Fixed Price Servicing we know just when the machine will need to be down and for how long, so we can work this into our schedule."

Komatsu's Sales and Business Development Manager- Service, Daniel Hopkins-Jones said Komatsu's Fixed Price Servicing ensures operators know exactly what maintenance will cost well before the technician arrives on site.

"The owner receives one single invoice for the job and the machine's service history is updated in our system for easy reference."

Mr Hopkins-Jones said Komatsu service technicians are trained and accredited in the latest updates, ensuring all servicing is done to the manufacturer's correct specification.

"All Komatsu mobile service vehicles are fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment. The vehicles also have waste disposal receptacles for oil and filters, which are then removed from the job site, eliminating potential OHS and Environmental issues.

"Each Fixed Price Service also includes Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA) and a Machine Condition Report, which are an essential part of ensuring the long-term reliability and profitability of any machine," he said.

Cambria Excavation's excavator was vandalised twice in the last 12 months, but Komatsu was soon on hand to make sure it was quickly back in service.

Cambria Excavations said the machine was back to work in no time.

It's great knowing Komatsu are there with high levels of customer service whenever we need it day or night," he said.