Buying Komatsu runs in the family for Sydney earthworks contractor Pete Martelli, who was told by his father at an early age, if he was ever going to buy new excavators, to only buy Komatsu.

Recently he's been taking his father's advice, to the tune of three brand new machines: a PC200-8, PC45MR-3 and PC18MR-3.

Pete's company Dyno Dig operates almost entirely in the Hills district of north-western Sydney, working for just two clients, prestige builder Bellevue Projects, and Brewhouse, which builds breweries and hotels in the area.

He's been in operation for 10 years, carrying out general earthworks for housing and pub development sites, including pools excavations, site preparation, piers and foundations, road formation, services trenching and the like.

The 20 tonner is used for larger bulk earthworks, while the two smaller machines are used for utility excavations, foundation works and in more confined areas.

Previously, he owned three older machines he'd bought used, but recently decided to dispose of them privately and switch to new equipment.

"My dad brought me up operating Komatsu, and my first machine was a PC200-1 which I was operating on when I was 15," Pete said.

"I did a couple of years on that, and he always said that if I was ever going to buy new equipment, make sure it was Komatsu.

"With Komatsu, you know you get your resale value back.

"In addition, while I got offered standard machines from other manufacturers that were 12 grand cheaper, I was happy to spend the extra on Komatsu, because by the time you put all those extras that Komatsu offers like hose-burst protection, reversing camera, and everything else you'll spend that and more," he said.

"We decided to go for the three new Komatsu machines because we needed quality equipment to be able to service our clients, and give them the best performing machines we could offer.

"And they look good, and do the job well," said Pete.

Pete operates the machines himself, bringing in two casuals when he needs additional assistance.

"I'm really rapt in the Komatsu excavators; they are pretty much the Mercedes of the machine world: smooth, comfortable, reliable, and you've got peace of mind," he said.

He also appreciates the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system supplied as standard with all three machines and now offered free of charge to Komatsu owners.

"I use it to check the fuel levels, so I know what's in the tank for the next day, and also to set boundaries, so the machines can't go outside the worksite.

"It's a pretty handy thing to have; we can monitor anyone who's operating the machines, so we can be sure they are being looked after."

Finally, Pete looks to be passing his passion for Komatsu onto the next generation; his two sons Matthew (6) and Luke (5) love watching him operate them, and joining him inside the cab when the engine is off.