Komatsu Australia has released the PW98MR-8, based around its MR-series of short-tail Excavators the only short-tail Wheel Excavator of its size.

PW98-(1).pngPowered by an interim tier 4-compliant Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 ecot3 diesel rated at 50.7 kW, the PW98MR-8 incorporates auto-idling, an ECO-gauge and five different working modes to minimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It includes four-wheel steering, offering three modes: two-wheel steer for travelling between job sites, four-wheel steer for manoeuvrability, and crab-steer for moving in confined areas.A two-speed hydrostatic transmission allows it to travel at speeds up to 30 km/h.

According to Carl Grundy, Komatsu Australia's National Sales Manager- Utility, the new PW98MR-8 is the first in a new class of short-tail compact wheel excavators offering features that no other manufacturers are offering.

"Key features of our new excavator concept include outstanding versatility and unmatched mobility in confined working spaces," he said.

"The standard rear counterweight has been redesigned and integrated into the tail of the machine, protecting the back of the excavator from impact and damage.

"And because of the short-tailswing, the PW98MR-8 has a reduced turning radius so the operator can concentrate on the front working area with fewer concerns about what happens behind the machine," he said.

"In small and tight spaces, a curved sliding door allows easy entry and exit to and from the cabin, which has similar internal dimensions to cabs on much larger excavators."

Carl said that despite its compact design, the new wheeled excavator offers lifting capacities and working ranges unmatched by other machines in this size class.

"Its power and performance, combined with its compact design, short tailswing and four-wheel steering incorporating three steering modes allow it to work effectively and productively in extremely tight spaces, including congested urban areas, road construction and maintenance, and rail infrastructure projects," he said. "Add to this the large working envelope afforded by the innovative two piece boom design and you end up with one very versatile piece of equipment "

The PW98MR-8's hydraulic system is based around Komatsu's HydrauMind closed-centre load sensing system (CLSS), providing power, speed and precision control of all combined movements.

The unit is standard with a 1.65m arm, dozer blade and independent rear stabilisers which are controlled from the LCD monitor panel. Other features of the new excavator include:The latest version of KOMTRAX, Komatsu's remote monitoring system, allowing machine data, including location, performance, fuel consumption and maintenance requirements to be easily accessed via the internet.Two auxiliary circuits for a wide range of attachments, plus factory hitch piping.ROPS cab, conforming to the latest ISO regulations, offering full rollover protection, along with 360 visibility.

Easy access to all daily service checkpoints.

"Komatsu is the only manufacturer offering a complete range of short tail mid-sized excavators up to 12 tonnes and this latest wheel excavator adds another unique offering to our lineup, with no direct competitors on the market," said Carl."Already we've had a lot of interest in the new PW98MR-8, from the likes of local government, specialist rail contractors, and contractors engaged in road construction and maintenance works," he said.


Operating weight, 9.8-10.3 tonnes (depending on configuration); engine, Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5 ecot3 diesel rated at 50.7 kW; bucket size range, 0.077-0.28 cu m; SAE-rated dig depth, 3415 mm (with 1.65 m arm); bucket breakout, 6250 kgf; arm breakout, 4230 kgf.