NEWS SERVICE 27 Sep 2013


A much-loved farm bulldozer has been given a new lease on life

Thanks to a range of services carried out by one of Komatsu’s rebuild and service facilities in Mackay, Queensland.

Ferguson-b-(1).jpgOutback farmers Bill and Esther Ferguson purchased the D65E-8 bulldozer in 1985, putting it to work on their sheep and cattle farm near the town of Longreach.

Equipped with a scrub-canopy and 20-foot stick-rake, the otherwise standard machine has provided more than 25 years of faithful service clearing fencing and water lines, digging water holes, removing farm scrub and clearing trees.

Komatsu Australia service manager Warren Armstrong said Bill Ferguson made the decision to refurbish rather than replace the trusted bulldozer after Esther sadly passed away.

"Esther was actually the one who purchased and used the machine so it has quite a lot of sentimental value as far as Bill's concerned," he said.

"Even though Esther was in her early seventies, she still managed to take good care of it for a 26-year old machine; it's in excellent condition and has only worked 4000-odd hours.

"Rather than simply purchasing a new machine Bill's chosen to have Komatsu Mackay perform major repairs, service work which Komatsu provides to customers as an alternative to machine replacement," he said.

Bill's decision to refurbish was also influenced by the machine's mechanical simplicity and lack of high-level electronic componentry and the fact he is far more comfortable operating an older style of machine.

Depending on a customer's preference, Komatsu Genuine rebuilds involve the replacement of all major and minor mechanical components with either new or re-manufactured Komatsu genuine parts, and the repair of structural frame or bodywork.

Where applicable, repaired frame components on rebuilt machines are subject to Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to ensure they comply with factory standards of structural integrity.

In a display of outstanding reliability and careful maintenance, Bill's machine is still fitted with its factory-wear parts, including the Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and undercarriage.

The machine's cabin glass and windows are all original, all the lever knobs are still attached and the factory air-conditioning is still operational.

James Gibson from Komatsu's Mackay workshop said the work carried out on the machine included a complete engine rebuild and the replacement of two front track idlers.

"Refurbishing a Komatsu machine is a sound alternative to purchasing a new one especially when they hold so much sentimental value.

"All mechanical work is conducted by fully certified Komatsu technicians to ensure the long-term reliability of your machine," he said.

"All genuine parts and service are covered by Komatsu's nationwide warranty, so you're covered no matter where in Australia the machine ends up," he said.

With the refurbishment almost complete, the Mackay workshop hopes to have the bulldozer back in service by the end of October.

For more information on Komatsu's range of service and spare parts, or call 1300 566 287 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.