Komatsu Offers New Component Solutions

Komatsu's new range of component solutions have been developed in response to evolving customer needs to cut costs, minimise downtime and increase efficiency.

newcomponentsolutions_image-(1).jpgThe expansion of the current range of component solutions meets customer needs for lower cost alternatives in component management.

The solutions encompass six flexible options,tailored to customer needs and working environmentsthat allow customers to balance cost and risk.

The options include:

Purchasing new genuine components, with a 10per cent credit for returning a used component

Remanufactured components, wherecustomers can switch out a component for one that has been remanufactured to meet Komatsu's OEM specification

Komponent Exchange Single, where asingle component can be changed out using a Komatsu remanufactured product, with a variable cost of repair based on the condition of the returned component

Komponent Exchange Fleet, where components can be changed out across a fleet, with flexibility to choose between a customised scope of work or leveraging Komatsu quality standards as well as the ability to work with "own iron".

Rebuild or repair and return, a flexible option where the customer can define the scope ofworks, and

Purchasing Komatsu used components, a dependable off the shelf alternative at a competitive price.

All solutions enjoy Komatsu's extended warrantyand contribute to Komatsu's vision to becomeindispensable to customers by providing Komatsu quality and the productivity, reliability and safety that is built into every Komatsu process.

Komatsu Australia General Manager Product Management Components Tom Zube said the expansion of component solutions is part of Komatsu's commitment to serving the needs of customers.

"In a changing market, there is a risk that ourcustomers may continue to stretch components pastthe recommended point at which they should be replaced in an attempt to reduce costs," he said.

"This creates the potential for undue wear ordamage to components, leading to more expensive repairs, reduced efficiency and may even risk safety.

"The solution is taking our product range anddelivering it in a different way. We want to say yes more often".

"We are a company that can provide a full rangeof options across the whole country, for thecustomer, which is why we have worked hardto develop solutions that reduce costs, lower risks and cater to a cross-section of diverse and unique business needs. It is simply a matter of customers determining which option best suits them," Mr Zube said.

"The solution is taking our product range anddelivering it in a different way. We want to say yes more often"