Komatsu Australia has released the PC228US-8 zero swing excavator a 23 tonne machine, which is the first in the Komatsu excavator range with a ROPS cabin and certification label factory installed.

According to Chris Moroz, Komatsu Australia's national business manager, construction, the new PC228US-8 excavator completes the Dash 8 range in Australia and New Zealand and is the first Komatsu construction excavator in the range to include the ROPS certification label. The cab design on the PC228US-8 is the same as that used on the rest of our Dash 8 excavator range, which we have been marketing as our 'Safety Cab', a quieter and larger cabin.

"The PC228US-8 has an operating weight of 22,530 tonnes and the PC228USLC-8 is 23,380 tonnes,

making it the largest zero-swing model in the Dash 8 line-up powered by Komatsu's ecot3 SAA6D107E-1 turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine, which is fully compliant with Tier 3 emissions requirements.

Moroz further states that the PC228US-8 further reduces fuel consumption and emissions through the highly efficient matching techniques of the engine and hydraulic units and reduced hydraulic loss.

As with others in the Dash 8 range sold in Australia and NZ, the PC228US-8 and PC228USLC-8 comes factory-fitted with a number of what are usually "extras" as standard. These include:

Quick hitch and hammer piping

Hose-burst protection to prevent a sudden drop of the boom, arm or bucket in the event of a hose or hydraulic fitting failing

Rear-view camera, allowing the operator a clear view at all times of what is happening at the rear of the machine

Emergency stop buttons; one in the cab, and two on the exterior. In the case of emergency or something going wrong, pressing these large, prominent red buttons shuts the machine down immediately.

"These Australian-spec factory-fitted additions come standard on all Komatsu excavators, including the PC228US-8, and are part of our commitment to ensuring that our machines are the safest on the market, with the lowest whole-of-life operating costs," said Chris.

"In addition, the PC228US-8 comes with Komatsu Genuine Attachments buckets and quick hitches which are available off-the-shelf at time of delivery ensuring the machine is ready to go to work as soon as it's delivered to the customer," he said.

In addition to full ROPS certification, the PC228US-8's cab incorporates a large easy-to-read 7" inch TFT liquid crystal display monitor which communicates all key machine operations at a glance, and includes function keys to allow multi-function operation.

"A built-in Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS) constantly checks all critical components and operating conditions, and alerts the operator to any potential issues, as well as providing reminders when oil and filters require replacing," he said.

"Furthermore, all this information is also communicated to the machine owner via our KOMTRAX remote monitoring system, instantly alerting the owner to potential downtime or machine damage.

"The other great advantage of KOMTRAX is as a security system; since its introduction in Europe three years ago, no Komatsu excavator fitted with KOMTRAX has been stolen and not recovered quickly afterwards."

The PC228US-8's five-mode engine/hydraulic management system ensures optimum operational efficiency depending on the type of operations, and delivering increased fuel efficiency, said Moroz.

Modes include power and economy settings, plus a low-speed precision mode for lifting operations, a breaker mode for hammer operation and an attachment mode that can be fine-tuned to the needs of a particular attachment.

"Komatsu excavators have always been renowned for their fuel efficiency; the PC228US-8's new ecot3 engine, combined with this five-mode management system, ensures even greater fuel efficiency and productivity than previous models, with engine emissions reduced by 29% compared to the PC228US-3," he said.

"As with all other products in Komatsu's construction equipment range, we design and manufacture all major components in house, including engines, electronics and hydraulic components ensuring they all work together perfectly as an integrated whole," said Moroz.

"No other equipment manufacturer offers this combination of industry-leading technology and componentry.

"Virtually all other manufacturers offer machines with engine and hydraulic components supplied by a host of third-party suppliers, which means compromises in technology and performance.

"Because all Komatsu excavator components, including those on the PC228US-8, are designed and manufactured from the ground up to work together, we offer unmatched technology, integration and machine performance."

Brief specs of the PC228US-8:

Operating weight, 22,530kg (depending on configuration); powered by Komatsu ecot3 Tier III-compliant SAA6D107E-1 diesel engine rated at 110 kW; SAE-rated digging depth, 6,620 m (with XX m arm); arm breakout, 11,000kgf; bucket breakout 15,200kgf, bucket size range, 0.5 1.1m .