Two Western Sydney contractors have seen significant reductions in downtime and operation costs by using Komatsu's range of Hensley XS Ground Engaging Tools.

Metropolitan Demolition and the TRN Group are both running Hensley XS on a variety of their machinery, with positive results, Komatsu said.

Metro Demo have so far converted eight of their Excavator buckets to run Hensley XS G.E.T., which are fitted to various Komatsu and non Komatsu branded machines.

Terry from Metro Demo said selecting the Komatsu Hensley XS series G.E.T. for their machinery has proved to be a wise choice.

"We are currently using and converting buckets to run the Hensley XS G.E.T. because of the many benefits it offers our operation," he said.

"The XS range offers safe hammerless fitment, which also means quick and safe change out times, reducing downtime.

" When it comes to not having to use sledgehammers on site, the XS definitely offers an advantage," he said.

Metropolitan Demolitions is a family owned company that has been involved in the Demolition and Recycling industry since the 1970s, having extended their operations to encompass recycling, property development and a consultancy service.

Fellow Sydney contractors, the TRN Group, have also seen the benefits of the Hensley XS system.

TRN have converted two WA500 loaders to run Hensley XS40RP2 G.E.T.

Richard Fordham from TRN said the free adaptor program offered by Komatsu made the decision to change to Hensley XS all the more attractive.

"We made the decision to go with the Hensley system because of the safe Hammerless fit," he said.

"The hammerless system offers improved productivity and quick easy fitment," he said.

The TRN Group has operated for over 40 years as a specialist civil engineering and haulage company, with more than 80 items of plant in their fleet.

Komatsu Customer Service Support Representative Phil Walker said tailoring the supply of G.E.T for operators such as Metro and TRN was one of Komatsu's strengths.

"The Hensley system has proven itself time and time again in both construction and mining operations," he said.

"The benefits of the unique hammerless design not only reduce downtime, they are much safer when it comes to change out time.

"We're able to add to the Hensely XS product by providing a full range of G.E.T. solutions for operators.

"TRN for example also take advantage of Komatsu's range of services, like our component rebuild, labour hire and 24-hour breakdown service.

"Komatsu's goal is to provide the best quality products and services to customers, when they need it, and no matter where they are," he said.

For more information on the Komatsu Hensley range of G.E.T., or any of Komatsu's services can found on their, or by calling 1300 566 287.