Komatsu Finance Plays Key Role in Company's Growth & Success

For more than 20 years, Komatsu Finance has played a key role in funding the Komatsu equipment that has contributed so much to the development of Australia's infrastructure and mining operations.

Komatsu-Finance-(1).jpgInitially established to assist major resources projects in funding the equipment required to gear up their operations, during its first decade, Komatsu Finance provided the finance for a significant number of Komatsu mining fleet sales to mining companies and mining service providers throughout Australia.Due to this very successful program, in 2004, Komatsu Finance's operations were expanded significantly to cover sales of construction and utility equipment.

These finance services are available for a wide cross-section of Komatsu customers, ranging from those who typically purchase just one or two machines at a time, through to mid-sized civil construction companies buying fleets of 10, 15, 20 machines.

Today, the proportion of Komatsu Finance's "book" in terms of numbers of units has become far higher for its smaller customers, with the average deal size being around $200,000.

Currently around 50% of Komatsu's new equipment sales in Australia and New Zealand are funded through Komatsu Finance with the business looking to increase that percentage.

Komatsu Finance's approach is to ensure that Komatsu is easy to deal with for customers by offering a 'one-stop-shop' solution combining machinery sales, support and services with a range of financial services.

In addition, personnel have the knowledge of the functions and role of each piece of equipment in Komatsu's lineup, and how they can help make customers more competitive and efficient.

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