Komatsu Australia has released the hydrostatic drive WA320PZ-6 loader, extending its PZ linkage system that combines the benefits of Z-bar and parallelogram linkages in a single loader.

The first PZ linkage loader from Komatsu was the WA250PZ-5, released at Bauma last year, and available in Australia shortly after.

Komatsu's patented PZ system offers the superior breakout of a Z-bar linkage combined with the parallel lifting ability and high tilt-back forces at maximum height of parallelogram systems.

The WA320PZ-6 loader is powered by a Tier 3-compliant Komatsu ecot3 SAA6D107E-1 diesel rated at 125 kW through a Komatsu electronically controlled hydrostatic transmission driveline.

Komatsu's Traction Control System is fitted as standard and reduces wheel spin, lowering tyre wear and operating costs.

High engine torque, combined with the hydrostatic transmission, ensure fuel consumption that is among the lowest for this class of machine, said Charles Wheeldon, Komatsu Australia's national business manager, quarries.

Charles said the PZ linkage system's low number of connection linkages and bolts, provides maximum stability and high payload capabilities in any application.

"Unlike other systems that combine parallelogram lift with high-breakout forces, our PZ linkage is a lighter, stronger system that reduces weight at the working end of the loader, giving it higher lift capacities and tipping loads," he said.

"In addition, the boom has a new 'see-through' design that contributes to a best-in-class view of the working equipment.

"And as with other products across the Komatsu range, every machine component is designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together as an integrated whole," he said.

An optional four-point quick coupler on the WA320PZ-6 allows the working equipment to be changed quickly and easily, maximising productivity and versatility.

Maintenance is simplified through a wide-core radiator with reverse fan, which every two hours is set to revolve in reverse for two minutes, cleaning out dust and small debris, and ensuring more efficient cooling.

Large gull wing doors providing safe, easy access to the engine, while a machine diagnostics system enables instant troubleshooting.

Sealed wet multi-disc brakes and a fully hydraulic braking system mean lower maintenance costs and higher reliability, with contaminants kept out reducing wear and resulting maintenance, said Charles

"In addition, the brakes require no adjustments for wear, for even lower maintenance, while added reliability and safety is designed into the braking system by the use of two independent hydraulic circuits, providing hydraulic backup should one of the circuits fail.

"Fully hydraulic brakes mean no air system to bleed, and no condensation of water in the system that can lead to contamination, corrosion, and freezing," he said.

The cab on the WA320PZ-6 is a pillarless wide cab for optimum visibility, and providing plenty of space for the operator. In-cab noise levels are 70 dBA the lowest on the market, said Charles.

Solid-state electronics controlling the hydrostatic transmission mean the operator can change direction from forward to reverse is by a touch of their fingers without removing their hand from the steering wheel.

Loader control is via a new Komatsu mono-lever using PPC (Proportional Pressure Control), allows the operator to easily operate the work equipment, reducing operator fatigue and increasing controllability.

"Komatsu's new WA320PZ-6 loader extends our innovative PZ linkage to this larger size loader, giving owners significantly increased versatility and the ability to carry out a much larger range of tasks," said Charles.

"This, combined with reduced operating costs through lower fuel consumption, less time-consuming maintenance and easier operation, results in a machine that delivers better results directly to an owner's bottom line."

Brief specs include:


Operating weight, 14.7 tonnes; engine, Komatsu ecot3 SAA6D107E-1 diesel rated at 125 kW; bucket capacity, 2.7 cu m; bucket breakout, 14,410 kgf; static tipping load, full turn, 9160 kg; maximum speed, F/R, 38 km/h.