The KOMTRAX system uses a dedicated online portal, with each operator having the ability to log on from anywhere in the world to monitor their equipment.

Data is viewed on-screen and can be accessed to provide a history of the machine's life, which can be of benefit to its trade-in value at turn-around time.

Komatsu has reached a major technological milestone in the equipment industry by selling its 2000th KOMTRAX-equipped machine.

A Central Queensland Council will take delivery of the WB97R-5EO Backhoe Loaderfitted with KOMTRAX Satellite Monitoring in July chalking up 2000 unit sales for Komatsu in the Oceania region.

Komatsu launched KOMTRAX on the Australian market in August 2007 in recognition of the equipment industry's future technological requirements.

KOMTRAX Satellite Monitoring uses state-of-the-art GPS tracking and specialised diagnostic sensors to monitor a machine's critical operating data including machine location, working conditions, engine temperature and fuel consumption.

Komatsu Remote Monitoring Systems Manager Karl Pettengell said the launch of KOMTRAX established Komatsu as a worldwide leader of telemetrics and remote monitoring.

"Komatsu recognised very early that machine operators required a service that not only monitored the actual location of their machines, but was able to make better use of emerging technologies to benefit their operations," he said.

"KOMTRAX is much more than just a simple GPS locator it's a reliable and efficient way to manage any operation, whether a single machine or an entire fleet.

"By monitoring the machine's working status, KOMTRAX is able to help prevent mechanical damage because it alerts the operator to imminent problems such as overheating, or simply running out of fuel.

One of KOMTRAX's significant benefits is its ability to locate any machine to which it's fitted, no matter where that machine is on the planet.

In the event of a machine theft, the machine's precise location can be pinpointed within minutes of the alarm being raised.

In 2009 when Sydney plumber Joe Hanna woke up to find his PC18MR excavator had been stolen, he knew exactly where it was within 10 minutes.

"The Komatsu was on a trailer and it was secured quite well, I thought, with a double-locking device," he said.

"The thieves managed to cut through that without disturbing anyone, and when my brother looked out the window just before 8 am, it was gone.

"I got straight on the phone to the 24 hour mobile KOMTRAX service number and spoke to Karl.

Straight away he was able to show me that it had moved at approximately 5.40am, plus he remotely disabled the machine right there and then so that no one would be able to operate it.

"Five minutes later, he called me back and told me they had located the machine," Mr. Hanna said.

"We called the police, who were very pleased to know the exact location of the machine. They were at the scene within the hour," he said.

It is not just smaller machinery that is prone to theft however, as an o

perator of a PC220LC-8 construction excavator in Brisbane discovered recently.

On the Tuesday morning after the long weekend in May, the operator (who wishes to stay anonymous) discovered the machine missing when he arrived on site.

After immediately reporting the theft at 9.00am, the machines location was discovered to be midway between Brisbane and Toowoomba. Before police could arrive on site, however, the machine began to move.

KOMTRAX staff were able to support local detectives who eventually located the machine (still on the trailer) and it was returned to its rightful owner the very same day!

Mr. Pettengell said Komatsu is committed to finding new ways of helping their customers' operations remain competitive in today's market.

"Komatsu's KOMTRAX System has established itself as an invaluable tool for the industry. Komatsu endeavors to provide a premium service that is unrivalled by competing systems".