Hensley's New Bladesaver QM Offers Productivity & Safety Benefits


Bladesaver-(1).jpgKomatsu Australia has released a unique new wheel loader lip system for quarry and mining applications, delivering significantly reducedbucket wear, increased safety and operatorcomfort, greater productivity, and lower wear-and-tear on machines and components.

The new Hensley Bladesaver QM loader lipsystem, currently available for Komatsu WA500 and equivalent-sized loaders, is a fully integrated bucket lip system that offers 100% protection along the front edge of the bucket resulting in reduced wear on the base lip.

According to Rod McCallum, Komatsu Australia'sBusiness Development Manager for GroundEngaging Tools, the Bladesaver system whichincorporates fully mechanical wear components for ease of fitment and removal provides a streamlined profile for better penetration and loading.

In addition, it provides a completely smooth lipunderside, further increasing production, reducing tyre wear, and increasing operator comfort.

"The Bladesaver system is fully integrated, so thateach individual component fits together and is held securely in place both individually and by the other components," he said.

"All shrouds and teeth are fully mechanical, based around Hensley's unique hammerless pin system, which only requires conventional tooling/sockets to remove and replace them.

"This eliminates the need to use hammers when changing components, greatly reducing the riskof injury to service personnel," said Rod.

He said having the lip edge completely flush with the bottom of the bucket helped operators keep the quarryfloor smooth and rock-free, reducing tyre damage andproviding a more comfortable work environment.

"This flush-floor feature is unique to Komatsu groundengaging systems, and has proven benefits forquarry operators," Rod said.

"As well, our unique flush-style adapters allow forgreater lip shroud wear consumption, and providea greater weld area and strength than standardflush adapters.

"We also offer corner adapters to add greater strengthand wear-resistance for bucket corners, along with mechanical wear caps as a standard offering."

The integrated lip shrouds and teeth with eachtooth providing additional retention for the lipshrouds provide full protection for the bucketlip, and substantially increased lip life.

"This system offers full lip coverage, with minimal gaps between each shroud and tooth," said Rod.

"And each lip shroud is also 100% mechanical, usinghammerless fastenings augmented by the tooth retention system."

Mechanical end caps can also be quickly and easily changed over, and provide complete protection for the outer edges of the bucket.

A universal vertical shroud offers increased protection for the bucket walls, with a singlepart able to be used in multiple locations bothleft-hand and right-hand sides of the bucket. It canalso be "stacked" for

increased wall protection, androtated for increased wear life.

The Bladesaver system also features a new square-shaped tooth design, with a square pocket and nose to ensure greater strength.

As with all other components, they incorporateHensley's hammerless pin system for quick, safe and easy tooth changeout.

"Because of this quick tooth changeout, teeth canbe easily rotated along the various lip positions,for higher wear utilisation," said Rod.

For further information, please contact your local Komatsu representative.

"This system offers full lip coverage, with minimal gaps between each shroud and tooth"