Veolia Environmental Services has recently taken delivery of a Komatsu low-hour D375A-5 dozer supplied through Komatsu Australia's Used Equipment division, for handling waste at the company's Woodlawn Bioreactor.

Veolia Environmental Services (VES) provides innovative solutions to the waste industry, including waste management services for numerous councils and private waste disposal contractors throughout the Sydney region.

It owns and operates the Woodlawn Bioreactor, a large-scale putrescible waste management facility which receives waste which is transported via rail from Sydney. The project focuses on landfill gas recovery with the aim of generating green electricity. It is located at Tarago, 250 km southwest of Sydney.

The Komatsu D375A-5 dozer, purchased about eight months ago, is used to move waste about on site, said Henry Gundry, VES's Environment and Operations Manager at Woodlawn.

The Komatsu dozer works alongside a landfill compactor, another dozer, articulated dump trucks, loaders, a grader and excavators, along with semi trailers and heavy rigid trucks.

According to Henry, the Woodlawn operation required a larger dozer than its existing one which is of another brand to push waste away from the tipping platform over to the landfill compactor.

"The strength and power of this new machine is its greatest asset on our operation, and it's allowing us to work far more efficiently," he said. "Our operators also find it very comfortable to operate.

"It has been faultless for much of the time we've had it, although we are currently working through a radiator maintenance issue, where damage was caused when the fan was reversed.

"As a result of this, VES and Komatsu Australia are working together to develop site-specific operating procedures to prevent this occurring again."

Henry said the dozer had some minor modifications to allow it to be used in putrescible waste, including a trash rack on the blade, and modifications to prevent waste material getting into the engine bay.

"We opted for a Komatsu machine because we are aware that the company is one of the leading earthmoving brands, and so far, its reputation has stood up to our expectation.

"Any supplier is only as good as their product and customer service," he said.

"Komatsu has provided good support in relation to any issues with the machine, with service from technicians in Canberra and Wollongong.

"They have also provided support for our other non-Komatsu equipment through the recent replacement of the undercarriage on our other dozer," said Henry.