Colin Chamberlain, Over A Quarter of Century with Komatsu

Komatsu Australia's Deputy General Manager Customer Support Construction, joined Komatsu Australia Sydney in February 1988, as District Manager, Southern Region, working with then dealer Forcepower, covering Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

Colin-Chamberlain,-Over-A-Quarter-of-Century-with-Komatsu-(1).jpgWhen I joined the company, it was a real boom period just before the "recession we had to have"; the Melbourne workshop was working day and night putting out a significant 21 excavators a month and that included fitting the entire quick hitch and hammer piping, something that today is done ex-factory.Working in Melbourne gave me the opportunity to begin developing our relationships and business growth with the major quarry companies relationships which are still in place today, not only in Australia, but with several of the majors have extended globally.

The industry has come a long way since those days, an excellent example being out ability to use ICT (information communications technology) generated data, which combined with our CMS allows us to carry out more detailed analysis a huge advantage in managing machine components and extending their life.

Throughout my working life, my philosophy has been to understand the customer's voice, what they are saying to us and what they mean.

I love what I do at Komatsu Australia, the opportunity to work together with my colleagues in helping our customers achieve their business objectives , reach our combined business needs, and grow our relationships are activities I thoroughly enjoy, and will keep doing as long as I'm able.