CDE Capital, one of the Northern Territory's leading employers of indigenous labour, has recently purchased a fleet of Komatsu for mining and construction projects across the Top End, from the north of WA, the NT and Far North QLD

Equipment recently delivered to CDE Capital includes eight HD785-7 dump trucks, two PC1250SP-7 excavators, one PC1250SP-8R excavator and a PC2000-8 excavator.

CDE (Central Desert Enterprises) was formed in 2000 by Sid and Jenny Rusca, who in the 1970s had started S&J Earthmoving to provide earthmoving and civil construction services in the Northern Territory.

Their sons Robbie and Shannon Rusca, in partnership with Adelaide businessman Anthony Giustozzi, formed CDE Capital in 2005 in order to pursue opportunities in the mining sector across the Top End, both in contract mining (dry and wet hire) and also in mine infrastructure construction.

The company has a strong commitment to Aboriginal employment and training, in order to achieve company goals in the areas in which it operates.

It prides itself on its ability to provide meaningful training and employment opportunities for those in the local community in which it works.

According to logistics manager Wally Gallio, on some of its projects, it has recruited up to 50% of the workforce from the local community with around 85% of its permanent workforce being Aboriginal, and a strong indigenous training package in place.

"For example, when we go to Port Hedland or Tanami, we get people from the local communities, we train them and try to set them up in their own business when we leave the mine or take them with us to other jobs."

One of its clients is Copper Co Mining's Lady Annie mine, northwest of Mt Isa, where it carried out the Stage 1 civil works and is continuing to carry out additional civil works including the use of one PC1250SP-7 excavator on these works, said Wally.

CDE Capital also has a contract to supply equipment on a dry hire basis, including the eight HD785-7 dump trucks and two of the PC1250SP-7 excavators and the PC2000-8.

The maintenance and support element for this contract is a joint venture between CDE Capital and Komatsu Australia.

Wally said the trucks and excavators for this project are being used to cart the excavated ore from the pit to the mill.

CDE's third PC1250, (a PC1250SP-8) has been working at Tanami Gold's Coyote Mine in the NT, and has been shifted to Port Hedland, WA, to work at Atlas Iron Mining.

In addition to this equipment bought new from Komatsu Australia, CDE Capital also purchased a fleet of eight HD785-5 trucks from Singapore, shipped them to Darwin and refurbished them for use in various projects.

"When we bought our fleet of Komatsu trucks and excavators, we just thought that the price and the servicing support that we had from Komatsu were a bit better, plus they were better able to meet the supply time constraints," he said.

"The performance of these machines has been very good.

"The HD785-5s from Singapore were brought over and refurbished... we've found them to be pretty beneficial.

"They've had a few hours up, and we've had to change components out, but we are pretty happy with the machines," said Wally.

"The support we've had from Komatsu has been good especially in Mount Isa, Gavin Gardner and his team have been really good on the mining.

"Overall, we are very happy with the service we have received from Komatsu," he said.