BRC Dirtworks Stays with Komatsu

Thirteen years ago, then 21-year old semi-pro motocross rider Beau Crichton was looking to establish himself in the earthmoving business.

IMG_7759-edit_400x270-(1).jpgDue to his age and lack of experience, only one supplier would even consider selling him a machine and he has been repaying that faith in him ever since.

That supplier was Komatsu Australia, from whom he bought a WA180-3 wheel loader so he could remain engaged with his passion by building motocross and supercross tracks.

Today Beau owns six Komatsu machines and so long as the machine he needs is in the Komatsu range, he won't look elsewhere.

Based in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, southeast of Melbourne, his company BRC Dirt Works carries out a wide range of general earthworks, including housing sites, and golf course construction.

But BRC Dirt Works' major area of specialisation remains in building motocross/supercross tracks; and it has built around 90 over the 13 years since Beau started up in 2004.

Today he owns a Komatsu SK714-5 skidsteer, along with a WA200PZ-6 wheel loader, and four excavators: a PC30MR-2, a PC35MR-3, a PC130-8 and just purchased PC200-8M0.

Beau has also branched out into the recycling business, running a concrete crushing operation.

"Because I was a semi-pro motocross rider and it's really in my blood; so when I stopped riding semi-professionally to start this business, it gave me great insights into what people want in their motocross and supercross tracks," said Beau. "That meant we were able to build up the business quickly, to the extent I needed to expand fairly fast."

Shortly after starting his business, Beau's brother Dane also a semi-pro motocross rider gave that away to join him in BRC Dirt Works, and today is his second in command. Beau also has five other operators working for him.

"We've built tracks for private individuals, clubs, for training and just for people who want to have fun on their bikes.

"We know exactly what people are after. And in a few weeks, we're building one for the Victorian titles.

"We've built tracks down in Mornington, out to Stawell and Horsham, all sorts of places," he said.

"We find we've got plenty of work here; in fact we have so many motocross tracks to build that there's a bit of a backlog though these days, I do need to give precedence to our builder clients," he said.

While the key reason Beau sticks with Komatsu is due to the loyalty and faith the company offered him when he started, that's not the sole factor keeping him coming back.

"As a company, Komatsu helped me out immensely when I was starting out; I was only 21, and no one else would even talk to me," he said.

"They got me started, but I stick with them because backup, support, everything about the company is great.

"Today I mainly deal with Andrew Fowkes (Komatsu's Major Accounts Manager Victoria), and I worked with Bob Jones before him. Andrew is brilliant, we have a great relationship, and he does a lot for me," said Beau.

"I also go for Komatsu because their machines are the best in the market, especially for the price they are.

"I really can't fault them; they are great on fuel, all functions work perfectly, the finish inside and out is great, and they are just engineered a lot better than anything else around."

Beau's latest machine, the PC200-8 excavator, is being used for bulk excavations, basements, dams and large house cuts, as well as in the recycling plant feeding the crusher, loading out trucks and any other tasks required of it.

"We've had it around six to eight weeks (as of mid-May) and I love that machine!" said Beau.

"We've just got a job for it for six weeks, which means I get to sit in it for a full six weeks.

"I can't believe how strong it is, yet how fine and detailed work we can do with it," he said.

Thirteen years after getting his start in the earthmoving business, Beau is happy to give full credit to the company that was prepared to give a 21-year-old dirt bike rider a go.

"Today, we have nine machines in total, plus a concrete recycling plant and that's all largely due to Komatsu and their belief in me."