A Western Sydney-based contractor, which bought its first Komatsu excavator five years ago because of the local rep and the company support behind each machine, has kept on buying Komatsu due to the "best ever" after sales support.

11022011BestEverSupportKeepAbsoluteCivilWithKomatsu-(1).jpgAbsolute Civil, based at Kemps Creek, specialises in electrical infrastructure works and rail communications and signalling infrastructure construction, working mainly in the Sydney metropolitan region, as well as some country work.

Its four 5 tonne Komatsu excavators, purchased over the past five years since it started business in July 2005, are all the equipment it owns.

"The first machine we bought was one of our PC50MR-2s which we still have," said Absolute Civil director Craig Hill.

"We bought a second PC50MR-2 in 2006, another in 2008, and our most recent Komatsu the PC55MR-3 in about April this year.

"We originally went for Komatsu for two main reasons," he said.

"The first was because of our local Komatsu representative Matt Watton, who's very good to deal with; he understands our business, he knows what we need to keep our machines running, and he's always available to sort out any issues.

"The second reason is because when you buy a Komatsu machine, you get the whole company supporting you, and you're not going through a separate dealer. Plus you know they've got a whole warehouse full of genuine parts.

"And that's why we've stayed with them," Craig said. "Komatsu's after-sales service is second to none; it's the best I've ever dealt with.

"The machines are also extremely reliable and well built; over the past five years, the only thing we've had to do with these machines is to replace a couple of hoses.

"Certainly you pay a bit more, but you get that back many times over in terms of service and the reduced downtime," he said.

In addition, Absolute Civil's latest machine, its PC55MR-3, incorporates Komatsu's KOMTRAX remote monitoring system.

"We've got it all set up to show us startup and shutdown times, along with normal day-to-day location tracking plus Komatsu Australia is monitoring the machine," Craig said.

"One thing about KOMTRAX that I do like though we haven't used it yet is the ability to put a 'fence' around the machine, so it can't work outside of a certain area.

"When we have to leave the machine on a worksite, that will give me peace of mind; I'll feel a lot more at ease knowing that KOMTRAX is there,"?he said.