"Customers were very impressed with this latest technological advancement from Komatsu"

Hybrid-Launch-NZ-b-(1).jpgKomatsu New Zealand recently launched Komatsu's HB205-1M0, HB215LC-1M0 and HB335LC-1 Hybrid excavators in Auckland.

Komatsu customers visited the Brookby Quarry for a "Dig Day" where the two Komatsu Hybrids were displayed with two conventional Komatsu PC200 and PC350 excavators for comparison.

The Komatsu team highlighted the key technological differences and outlined the environmental and economic benefits of owning the Komatsu Hybrid excavator (see Dig Day sidebar).

In the evening customers and partners were invited to a special Hybrid VIP Dinner at 'The Cloud' at Waitemata Harbour to celebrate this important event.

Customers arrived to canap s and beverages and then it was upstairs to where Master of Ceremony - Pio Terei, the well-known New Zealand comedian, officiallyh welcomed the guests to the event.

The evening continued with addresses from Philip Dring, Regional General Manager New Zealand and David Small, General Manager Construction and Utility who highlighted the unique and unrivalled features of the Komatsu hybrid and the significance of the event.

The evening finished with commemorative plaques being presented to Hirepool and Treescape, the first companies in New Zealand to purchase new Hybrid HB215LC-1 excavators.

Komatsu NZ's Dig Day introduction of its Hybrid excavator range took place at Kaipara Ltd's Brookby Quarry in Auckland, where we showcased the HB215LC-1MO (20 tonne) and HB335LC-1 (35 tonne) Hybrid excavators.

Brookby Quarry had prepared an excellent demonstration site for our customers and guests so they were able to experience the latest technology from Komatsu in a safe environment.

Customers from throughout the country took advantage of the event to operate both Hybrid and equivalent conventional machine technologies, giving them the chance to make direct comparisons in performance and operation between the two concepts.

Many customers commented on the quietness and performance of the Hybrids and were keen to learn how best to get the savings from owning these new technology machines.

Komatsu technical and sales staff from New Zealand and Australia were on hand to explain the features and the benefits owners would enjoy through significant fuel savings, lower operating costs and increased efficiencies.

The Hybrid system was explained in detail during a walk-around with customers who were very impressed with this latest technological advancement from Komatsu.