"We aim to be consistently good at what we offer"

Allstate-Civil-b-(2).jpgQueensland-based Allstate Civil took delivery of the state's first 35 tonne Komatsu Hybrid excavator, the HB335LC-1 in March this year and purchased his second 35 tonne hybrid in July 2014.

Owned and managed by husband-and-wife team Jason and Amie Penny, Allstate Civil started up in 1999 in Central West NSW, but moved its operations to Central Queensland's Bowen Basin in September 2006.

In 2014 Jason Penny partnered with Jason Wagner to combine their strengths to create a full design civil construction organisation now called Civil Australia. This new company offers the full package from concept to sign off.

Allstate Civil primary works include maintenance at the mines in the region, water reticulation, general civil works and all types of excavations. It also carries out subdivision works, roadworks, and general government and council works.

In addition to its recently purchased two HB335LC-1 hybrids, Allstate's fleet includes six Komatsu excavators.

According to Jason, Allstate Civil opted for Komatsu's 35 tonne Hybrid as part of a deliberate positioning for the changing nature of the industry in the region and as he also recognises that being an early adopter of the technology will give the organisation an edge in Australia's fast-changing resources/construction sector environment.

"As the industry and the general community changes, Allstate wants to cater for the growing concern for the environment, and ensure we stay on the front foot," he said.

"Being able to offer the highly fuel-efficient Komatsu Hybrid gives us a competitive edge as we diversify to other types of works.

"And this size of machine allows us to operate across both mining and construction, while we can be more competitive with our rates due to the fuel savings we expect to achieve," said Jason.

He and Amie also believe that being able to offer Komatsu equipment is a major advantage with customers.

"When clients see we have Komatsu equipment, rather than other brands, they recognise the quality in what we offer.

"Komatsu has always lead the way in digger technology, reliability, lower operating costs and resale value," he said.

"And the way they work is very simple, plus Komatsu excavators just get the job done.

"We combine this with our philosophy of supplying highly trained, skilled operators to our customers, which results in an impeccable safety record in a very safety-conscious industry."

Allstate Civil also uses Komatsu to service its equipment.

"I've been dealing with Komatsu for 15 years, and their service has certainly come a long way," said Jason.

"They have more people on the ground in more areas, and they do listen to us from an operator's and customer's point of view to improve their service and the quality and performance of their equipment."

Jason and Amie run Allstate as a true partnership, with Jason focusing on the earthmoving side of the business, while Amie runs administration.

"It's a true family business, in that we both run the business, building up something for us and our family," he said.

Amie said the two of them combined their strengths in the relevant areas to make the business work.

"We aim to be consistently good at what we offer," she said.

"Because we are a family business, that is why we work so well. We both stay very hands on, we supply highly trained operators on quality equipment, and we have an excellent safety record.

"Jason keeps very close to the operation of the company day-to-day out on our job sites," said Amie.

"We can tell that people really appreciate this approach: they see Jason out on our projects, and they know that we run the company with a very personal approach.

"That approach, combined with our use of quality, technologically advanced equipment, works very well for us," she said.