Gippsland-based Valley Septics has taken delivery of the latest in a number of Komatsu PC78 excavators.

Valley-Septics-(2).jpgMaintaining an excellent reputation over a wide area, Valley Septics Director David Baldassa chooses Komatsu excavators for their reliability, versatility and outright performance.The new PC78UU-8 replaces one the company has been operating for several years that logged around 3000 hours, and joins the fold alongside their other PC78.

Valley Septics is a family business offering wastewater drainage services across a large area of more than nine of the local councils in the south-east of the state. The company supplies and installs complete septic systems and specialise in sand filter systems.

David and his son Nick both operate the excavators and find the PC78UU-8's compact dimensions and lifting power a perfect fit for Valley Septics.

"We are very happy with the machines. We've had seven or eight of them, as well as other Komatsu equipment! I have been doing this for nearly 30 years and we have a great reputation that our Komatsu gear has helped us build," he said.

"They are versatile and perfect for our line of work. They have strength in the hydraulics but are also small enough to get around houses. We do most of our work with the PC78."

"The jobs we do are generally in confined spaces. With the Komatsu's we can be self-sufficient in installing septic tank systems and sand filters and they're still small enough to get down the side of houses to do drainage work."

When it comes to excavators Valley Septics likes to set and forget; reliability is non-negotiable.

David keeps perfectly maintained equipment thanks to Komatsu's local branch support and the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system.

"I want to go out there, hit the key and go to work. Komatsu does all the servicing; I buy them new and in three years I don't have to touch the machine."

"I have a good rapport with the Komatsu sales and maintenance people. I am getting the right back-up. When we are installing septics at a mine and they want maintenance schedules for the machines, Komatsu has it all on record."

Valley Septics takes great pride in its equipment, with the resale value of the Komatsu gear another reason David chooses the brand.

"You can look at my gear and it is always clean. People comment on how good it looks.

"When it comes time, I have never had any trouble selling a second-hand Komatsu machine. People come from everywhere to buy them."