Komatsu celebrates 21st anniversary of Beacon Foundation partnership

Komatsu has been a proud supporter of the Beacon Foundation since 2002, and as we celebrate our 21st anniversary this year, we’re looking at ways we can further support the foundation through education and career opportunities at Komatsu.

The Beacon Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to supporting disadvantaged young people to transition on to positive pathways from school and into employment or further education.

Komatsu and Beacon have partnered on initiatives that prepare school leavers as they enter the workforce, and in particular to understand what is involved in a career in the construction and mining industry. Successful Beacon programs in partnership with Komatsu have included:

•  Mock job interview training
•  Komatsu employees hosting webinars to share information on careers at Komatsu and the wider industry
•  Komatsu branch site tours
•  Work experience
•  Hands-on workshops at a Komatsu branch
•  Career expos

Over the 21-year partnership, we’ve seen many Beacon students secure employment with Komatsu, using the skills they learned through participating in Beacon and Komatsu workshops. Our employees are also constantly involved with educational programs and mentoring Beacon Foundation members, either through in branch activities or school visits.

We’re excited to continue to work with organisations like the Beacon Foundation, and continue to look at ways Komatsu can escalate our impact by sharing our knowledge, creating enriching learning experiences and providing a future career for youth in need.