Komatsu & Mineware Announce Mining's First Integrated Payload Management System

Komatsu and subsidiary MineWare have jointly launched their first factory-fitted payload management system, Argus PLM, at Germany’s Bauma 2019 trade fair in April.

According to MineWare Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Roy Pater, Argus PLM drives whole-of-mine improvement by increasing loading tool productivity and efficiency, which ultimately lowers cost per tonne.

Argus PLM is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) version of the MineWare Argus monitoring system, designed exclusively for Komatsu excavators. It is initially available on the new PC7000-11 mining excavator.

“Mining operators need world-class technology solutions to improve productivity, reduce costs and increase their global competitiveness,” said Roy.

“By uniting Komatsu and MineWare capabilities. we’re offering customers the opportunity to have production improvement technology fully integrated with the machine, when ordering a new machine, to achieve these benefits.

“Argus PLM enables OEMs, like Komatsu, to deliver a superior and unrivalled machine for the mining industry while also shifting technology development further towards tele-remote and autonomous mining operations.”

Argus PLM integrates seamlessly with Komatsu’s KOMTRAX operating system and forms part of the on-board display.

This delivers actionable production information, in real time, from the machine directly to the operator. If the mine site has suitable connectivity, this information can be transmitted back to the site office too.

Roy said the system provides mining personnel on and off site with greater production visibility and performance benchmarking data to monitor, take action and understand how to improve the machine’s productivity.

“This system adds value to every bucket load,” he said, “enabling operators and supervisors to continually improve productivity and contribute to whole of mine production.

“Ultimately that means moving more tonnes for less cost.”

With Argus PLM, Komatsu is the first OEM to deliver an in-cab payload management and guidance system, that is fully integrated with the excavator’s own operating system.

Argus PLM will be available on all new Komatsu PC7000-11 models.

Komatsu plans to continue rolling out the Argus PLM across the rest of its excavator range.