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Genuine Komatsu Undercarriage


Komatsu is a leading distributor of Undercarriage solutions for all makes and models of earthmoving machinery. We boast one of Australia’s largest inventories, delivering parts when you need them.
Our Undercarriage solutions cater for a wide range of market segments including: Mining, Construction, Quarry, Utility, Agriculture, Land Fill, Demolition, Fixed Plant and Government.
Komatsu Undercarriage Solutions
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Dual Bushing Track - Suitable for D275 D375 & D475
The Komatsu Dual Bush Track is a unique structure that operates an Inner and Outer Bushing. The Inner Bushing is press fitted into the Link, whilst the outer bushing is free and rotates around the pin, which also eliminates the need for pin and bush turns. The Dual Bushing Track is ideal for sandy abrasive conditions offering extended life over a conventional track.
PLUS Undercarriage (Parallel Link Undercarriage System) - Suitable for D51, D61 & D65
The parallel linkage undercarriage system is the most efficient solution for all dozing applications, significantly reducing your total cost of ownership and providing an extremely smooth ride. PLUS undercarriage utilises an Inner and Outer Bushing. The Inner Bushing is press fitted into the Link, whilst the Outer Bushing is free and rotates around the pin - which also eliminates the need for pin and bush turns.Every component in the PLUS undercarriage has been designed and manufactured to give the whole system a significantly longer life. A unique heat treatment process ensures an optimal balance between component hardness and impact resistance thereby balancing the wear life across the whole system. That means longer undercarriage life and no machine downtime between overhauls - savings you time and money. Click here to download a brochure with more information on the PLUS Undercarriage System.
Abrasion Resistant Track – PC200 & PC300
The Abrasion Resistant Track is suitable for the Komatsu PC200 and PC300 Excavators and is designed for abrasive applications, which usually results in reduced undercarriage life. The Abrasion Resistant Track offers a larger diameter stepped type bushing that increases wear amount by the increased case depth. In addition to the larger Bushing the Sprocket has also been modified with contoured teeth due to the increased bushing diameter. The Sprocket offers an added slot on its side face to make easy disposal of dirt/mud offering you increased wear area for your Undercarriage.
For more information on Komatsu Undercarriage, please call 1300 566 287 to speak to your nearest Customer Support Representative.