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Lubricants – The Correct Oil for your Machine



Komatsu genuine lubricants are designed to ensure you get the best performance from your machine. Our range of Komatsu genuine lubricants incorporates a specially formulated additive package which, when combined with the highest quality base oil, provides superior protection for Komatsu equipment.
All Komatsu machines are filled with Komatsu genuine lubricants and coolants. It is essential that customers continue to use these lubricants for replacement at the recommended intervals to ensure optimal machine life. Used in conjunction with KOWA®, a combination of these care solutions will maximise your component life.
Komatsu genuine lubricants are also ideal for use in any older model Komatsu machines, as well as non-Komatsu equipment in your fleet.
Our Range
Your choice is easy when referencing our range table below. However, if you are still unsure of what lubricant your Komatsu machine needs, try our new online guide. This interactive site will help to identify the correct genuine oil to use for any Komatsu machine along with part numbers and fill quantities. This tool will also help to identify where genuine Komatsu oil can be used in other makes and models such as CAT, Hitachi, JCB, Hyundai & Samsung, you can even check what oils to use on highway trucks. Where ever the genuine Komatsu oil can’t be used, a Castrol alternative will be listed.
To find out what lubricants are suitable for your non-Komatsu machines, click here to access Castrol's easy online lubricants guide.
Part Number

Diesel Engine Oil

This high-ash multigrade oil provides the highest levels of performance in Komatsu equipment and other Japanese built engines. Can also be used in mixed diesel fleet operations.
·         Komatsu KES 07.851.1
·         JASO DH-1
·         ACEA E3
·         MB228.3 Type performance
·         API CH-4 (soot thickening & valve train wear performance)
·         Sulphated Ash: 1.7% - preferred ash level for Mitsubishi diesel engines
5L - 3352157
20L - 3342449
205L - 3342450
1000L - 3316123
Powertrain Oil TO30
Powertrain Oil TO10
2 viscosity variants, designed for automatic, power-shift and manual transmissions. Also suitable for use in hydraulic systems, final drive cases and swing machinery where SAE 10 or 30 grade oil is specified.
·         Komatsu KES 07.868.1
·         Komatsu Micro Clutch
·         Caterpillar TO-4
·         Allison C4
·         API GL1, GL2 or GL3
·         API CF, CD
Powertrain Oil 10
20L - 3345087
205L - 3345088

Powertrain Oil 30
20L - 3342455
205L - 3342456
Gear Oil 85W-140
A high viscosity, extreme pressure hypoid gear lubricant formulated for use in heavy duty gearboxes, final drives and differentials of earthmoving and excavating equipment and trucks, particularly those operating under high ambient temperatures.
·         Komatsu KES 07.861
·         API Service Classification, GL5
·         SAE J306b Viscosity Classification
·         SAE 85W-140
20L - 3345104
205L - 3345105
 Hydraulic Oil 46
Ideal for all types of hydraulic pumps working under medium to severe conditions.
·         Komatsu KES 07.841.1
·         Komatsu HPV 35+35 Pump test
·         ISO VG46
·         DIN 51524 Part 2
·         HF-O
20L - 3349857
205L - 3349856
1000L - 3371499

Axle Oil
A special high performance oil specifically designed and developed for axle units with an integrated brake or differential units.
With excellent heat resistance the oil maintains the friction characteristics over an extended period and maximizes the brake performance
·         SAE J306 viscosity grade: 80W
·         ZF TE-ML 05F
·         API GL-4
·         KES 07.866
20L - 3373137
205L - 3373136

Hyper Grease G2-TE
Lithium EP
Grease G2-LI
Hyper Grease_Icon.jpg 
Premium performance in wet conditions, particularly off road applications where high loads, low speeds and wet conditions prevail. It can be used for plain bearings, ball & roller bearings, ball joints and bucket pins.
Komatsu KES 07.881.1
450g - 3344516
20kg - 3344515
High performance in a variety of applications including heavy equipment high speed ball & roller bearings, wet or damp conditions, disc brake wheel bearings, particularly operating in extreme temperatures.
Komatsu KES 07.881
450g - 3345030
20kg - 3345029

For more information on Komatsu Lubricants, please call 1300 566 287 to speak to your nearest Customer Support Representative.