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Coolants – Komatsu Supercoolant

Komatsu Maintenance Parts - Coolants

Coolants are used to prevent freezing, corrosion and rust in cooling systems, as well as providing other useful functions. Using the correct coolant will have a significant beneficial impact on the life of engines, radiators and powertrains.
Komatsu Supercoolant AF-NAC
It is possible to maximise your equipment life by maintaining the cooling system with the correct use of a quality coolant. Komatsu Supercoolant AF-NAC is a high performance, fully formulated extended life coolant that allows for extended drain periods, saving you money and downtime.
Komatsu Supercoolant is designed to meet Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES) and exceeds Australian Standard AS2108 for a type A coolant. Annual, fixed price cooling system clinics can be performed by a qualified Komatsu service technician to ensure your cooling system is operating efficiently. All aspects of your machine’s cooling system are inspected and a detailed report listing any recommendations are provided for you. To promote greater efficiency and longer engine life, Komatsu offers training to all levels of your personnel on the best maintenance practices to employ regarding coolants and cooling systems.
Benefits for you and your engine
Your Benefits
    Pre-mixed for convenience
    Reduced downtime from extended service technology
    Improved productivity and lower operating costs for the life of your equipment
    Requires no Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) to reduce maintenance costs
    Does not require Hazardous chemical (Hazchem) Code nor DG class for transport
Engine Benefits
    Meets ASTM specifications for heavy duty and fully formulated engine coolants
    Specified for use in Komatsu equipment and recommended for use in mixed fleet equipment
    Improved liner protection
    Reduces risk of water-pump seal leakage
    Outstanding performance in cast iron and aluminium       engines
    Outstanding performance in aluminium alloy cooling systems
Komatsu Genuine Supercoolant AF-NAC range
Part No.
Supercoolant AF
Supercoolant AF
Supercoolant AF
Supercoolant AF

For more information on Komatsu Coolants, please call 1300 566 287 to speak to your nearest Customer Support Representative.