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Undercarriage Inspections – Maximise Wear Life

Undercarriage Inspections
Take advantage of our free ​​Komatsu Ultrasonic
Undercarriage Inspections
Komatsu Australia is a leading distributor of undercarriage solutions for all makes and models of earthmoving machinery. We boast one of Australia’s largest inventories and can deliver parts when you need them.
We also offer a free ultrasonic Undercarriage inspection to all Komatsu customers. The Komatsu Ultrasonic Undercarriage Inspection removes the guesswork from your machinery investment.
Komatsu technicians will provide accurate information required in order for you effectively manage the undercarriage life of your machine. Inspections take approximately 30 minutes, and on completion you will receive a report that includes recommendations, as well as tips for minimising undercarriage wear.
Our Ultrasonic Undercarriage Inspections offer you a range of features and benefits that help extend the life of your Excavator, Dozer or any machine with an Undercarriage system. 
Regularly scheduled Ultrasonic inspections measure bush thickness, link height, shoe height and roller shell thickness, capturing the data electronically
     Undercarriage management based on fact instead of guesswork
    Scheduled 30 minute inspections can save unexpected downtime, emergency costs and lost opportunity
     80% of Komatsu customers schedule regular inspections after their initial one due to the value it provides to their business
Automatically created inspection reports highlight component life expectancy in hours and as a percentage of new component life
    Increased uptime through scheduled pin and bush turns or replacement
     Reduced overall operating and repair costs for dozers through pin and bush turn and replacement
Fact based recommendations consider your particular operating practices and site conditions to determine track life expectancy
     Undercarriage investment becomes driven by fact, not guesswork
     Minimise wear and reduce undercarriage life cycle costs
To arrange your free* undercarriage inspection call 1300 566 287 (Australia) or  0800 566 2878 (New Zealand) today to speak to your nearest Customer Support Representative.
* The free ultrasonic undercarriage inspection service is provided to bona fide existing and ongoing Komatsu customers.  If Komatsu determines, in its absolute discretion, that the requesting party of the free inspection service is not an existing and/or ongoing Komatsu customer or is not acting in good faith, Komatsu may by notice to the requesting party decline to provide the ultrasonic undercarriage service free of charge.