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 CMS - Our Services

‚ÄčCondition Monitoring Services (CMS) has one simple mission: to keep your machines up and running for as long as possible. ‚ÄčOur industry-leading services include:

Oil, Fuels, Coolant and Metal Working Services
  • Used and New Oil Analysis
  • Grease Analysis
  • Oil Consumption
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Machine and Sampling Audits
  • Metal Working Analysis
  • Fuel Burn Rate
Unlike other providers, Komatsu's CMS is focused on application-based condition monitoring: analysis based on the specifics of the application, working conditions and environment of your equipment. CMS provides analysis, not just testing; our technicians will help you interpret the information so you can identify potential problems before they lead to major repairs and downtime, saving you time and money. No other service can give you this kind of thorough and immediate feedback. Besides a full range of standard tests, CMS provide non-standard tests including RPVOT, Filtergram, TBN, TAN, Patch and Fuel Distillation, or customised testing as required.
Please click for more information on our standard and non-standard Oil Analysis, Coolant Analysis and Metal Working Analysis. Alternatively, contact CMS to discuss your requirements.
Materials and Metallurgy Services 
  • Metallurgical Testing and Evaluation
  • Stress/Strain Analysis
  • Failure Analysis
  • Materials Analysis
  • X-ray Analysis
  • Auditing and Procedures
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Thermal Imaging
 CMS's materials and metallurgy services provide you the tools for proper root-cause analysis and to monitor the non-fluid parts of your machines.
Environmental Water Services
CMS offers comprehensive and economical environmental water testing services across a range of test suites to meet your environmental legislative requirements. Please contact CMS to discuss your requirements.