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​Komatsu HB205-1 Hybrid Excavator
​Technological innovation is at the heart of the Komatsu DNA.
Against the backdrop of an expanding market for construction and mining equipment around the world, Komatsu continues to invest in innovations that deliver unrivalled performance and environmental responsibility.
At Komatsu we call this approach DANTOTSU – meaning unique and unrivalled. We are committed to delivering already proven products to the market, as well as launching technological innovations that are already years ahead of competitive equipment.
We are determined to continue to develop innovative products which are even more environmentally friendly.
Compared to Autos
The Komatsu Hybrid Excavator cannot be compared to other hybrid classified technology such as that powering the road cars. Hybrid cars require a large amount of electrical energy when they start moving and accelerating, then they run with relatively stable engine revolution.

By comparison, construction equipment has to accommodate dynamic and frequent fluctuations of the engine revolution, for example, for excavation work. To assist the engine for such fluctuations, the HB205-1 Hybrid is mounted with a capacitor.
Auto batteries work on the principle of chemical reactions, and therefore take time for them to discharge power, lacking sufficient support when applied to construction equipment. Meanwhile the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor can instantaneously and efficiently recover, store and discharge electricity.

Features of a capacitor
  1. No chemical reaction. Free of maintenance care
  2. The capacitor is charged and discharged by migration of electrons and ions. It can be charged
But, at the heart of our Hybrid system is the saving of fuel emissions as part of our ongoing commitment to environmental initiatives. The HB205-1 saves 20 tonnes of carbon emissions for every 1500 hours of operation. This equates to saving the annual emissions of 30 medium sized cars.